Pewdiepie in Indian newspaper with headline ‘Plays video games all day long and now earns millions per year’

The famous Youtuber, gamer, comedian &  video producer Pewdiepie was recently featured in an Indian Newspaper. The headline of the news was “Plays video games all day long and now earns millions per year”


Pewdiepie in Indian newspaper
Youtuber Pewdiepie in Indian newspaper


Since 15 August 2013, PewDiePie has been the most subscribed user on YouTube, being surpassed for a total of 46 days in late 2013 by YouTube Spotlight. Holding the position since 22 December 2013, the channel has 60 million subscribers as of January 2018. From 29 December 2014 to 14 February 2017, PewDiePie’s channel held the distinction of being the most viewed of all time, and as of January 2018, the channel has received over 17 billion video views.

In December 2016, Forbes named PewDiePie as the highest-earning YouTuber with his annual income reaching 97 crore Indian Rupee

Now we will have to see whether Indian parents will force their children to play video game or not.


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