Five Workouts That Will Get Your Heart Racing

Covid-19 has made a lot of people depressed whether that is losing their jobs and not knowing if they are going to get their next job or the fact that with every day that goes by your mental health gets worse, for the majority of people around the world it has not been easy.

Working out may not be a cure to all of your problems, however, it will help common problems that people have which include the likes of poor mental health and weight problems. When you are working out you need to know what your target is because if you don’t know what your target is then you will struggle with consistency.

Consistency is one of the most important attributes you must have if you want to see progress. However, if you are consistent but you are bored with your workout, I have some cardio workouts that will spice things up. Not everyone is at the same level so there are ways to make the workout easier or more difficult. You will want to time your workouts, the two apps I use are strava and run keeper. You won’t need much for most of these workouts other than space.

Half mile runs

For the first workout, we will be doing half a mile runs, these will be done in intervals, so you will run as quick as you can for half a mile then rest before repeating it until you decide not to go any longer. This is an absolute killer, try to aim for 3 mins for your half a mile and your rest time should be around 3 mins as well. Try to aim for around 3 to 4 sets you must try and maintain your speed. The aim of this is to try and run this half-mile as quick as you can so it is a fast run, it shouldn’t be casual.

Repeat sprints

This workout out of the five listed is the one that will be the shortest, however, it might leave you out of breath the quickest. For this workout, you will need to set a marker of 100 metres. You will then rest for 15 sec, before sprinting again. The whole aim of this workout is to sprint 100 metres for 15 sec and rest for 15 sec if you can’t do this try and reduce this to a limit where you can push yourself but still find it hard also you can increase the rest time if your struggling.

half mile run


I got the 45/15s from the gacon test, however, this one is slightly different from the gacon test. In the Gacon test, you will run a certain amount of metres in 45 seconds and resting 15 seconds before progressing on. However with this version, you will run those 45 secs as fast you can, before slowly jogging. Try to do this for 5 sets.

Hill Sprints

This workout might be hard as some people will struggle to find a hill to run-up. If that is the case then you should try and find a place where there is a bit of a steep incline or if you have a treadmill then you should elevate the treadmill. However, if you do find a hill, then your aim is to get to the top. I have a great hill near where I live and it’s around 100 metres going upwards. What you will do is you will sprint up the hill as quick as you can and then you will rest for around 2 or 3 min. The reason the rest time is like this because this is a maximum effort activity so you want to be fully recovered before you make your sprint

2 miles in 12 minutes 

This is very simple. All you have to do is run 2 miles within 12 mins which is a very difficult task for most people. For this workout you need any equipment, all you need is a big area of space and an app to track the time and mile. This workout will test your aerobic capacity. Of course, not everyone can do this so if you can’t do this then you can just reduce the time limit to something realistic.

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