Words Of Encouragement That Are Inspiring At Hard Times

We live in an era where we have removed all the old things and orthodox minds. We have reached the heights of dawned technology, where there is advanced machinery, where there are advanced minds but, at the same time lonely hearts and broken souls, where there are depressed bodies and dark circled eyes that once held those high aspirations and goals of achievements and success. Words of encouragement can help a lot at hard times

Those held the potential to run, run for great heights of betterment. But those souls are tired. Those bodies are fed up. Those eyes are laden with the enormous stress of exorbitance. And now has nothing more than fatigue. They are the ones who just need motivation and encouragement and nothing more than that.

Being friends with those and making friends is the important and the only thing that one can do. Maybe that person may need your support and that they may get better. This is the only thing that one can distribute motivation full of affection to move further to greater heights.

Words Of Encouragement

These days variations of diseases are available in the market that can be found in a number of people but according to me and I guess the most dangerous and toxic disease is depression. You cannot judge that who is suffering from it rather sometimes the victim itself does not know that they are suffering from the disease. You are eaten by the disease’s termite slowly and gradually and one day you are found completely grabbed by it. Suicidal thoughts. Deadly moments. Lack of interest in the idea of living life. One is left with no other option than dying.

There are thousands and millions of people that die due to depression. Some words of encouragement can help. But it is not that we do not have any cure for it. Medication can do some treatment to the person’s health but not as good as one should be. For the best medicine to heal is words. They need to talk and of course, it is not a greater difficult task to perform the easiest and the best way.

Now the question arises that how can you be helpful and kind to those people for you cannot differentiate between the commoners and the depression sufferers.

Here, is how some words of encouragement can help someone.

Words of encouragement while spotting them

It is not as difficult as we think. You just need to become a good observer and especially for those whom you find the most suspicious and the most prone ones. Environment and vibes around a person can tell about his or her nature, behavior, attitude, and symptoms towards depression. Being a friend, you must know these small targets, and then you can approach the first step that what is the cause of that person’s stress.


Be the stress buster

You cannot be around the person for so long but a few hours of happiness and of good, positive vibes can do a lot up to great extent. You can help that person come out of those stressful things for a few hours. Talk to him in as chill a mood as possible. And do not forget that there is not only you but the person as well. So, let him speak too. Let him bulch out his emotions. Give him the chance to speak what he is storing deep inside his heart and that what he is suffering from. Each word with your keen observation will help him come out of that trap.

Now at this moment step up to the second stage of your mission that is

Be the detective

Now when you have made the person stand at the podium of doubt of being ill you need to be more careful and keen towards every step of actions. You need to observe every step and action of the ill. You need to work and try to find the solutions to his stressful nature and behavior. Try to go out and have fun. Hangout with the person. So tht he feelds as beeter as he can.

He must feel of himself as being healed. He must feel comfortable with you. You need to be that person who has to be the friendliest to him. You need to be a magnet and e being a piece of iron who gets attracted towards your thoughts and who consequently vomits out the whole tale.

Words Of Encouragement

The most important stage of this mission after you are completely personal to the person and that you are all set to make him realize of his disease and that the disease is not that harmful or heavy to be taken off his chest and that he can easily and that he can get comfortable to talk to you. You need to be empathetic and not to be sympathetic. This is what people get mistaken at. They feel that showing sympathy to the ill is what they can do. But this can make the case even worse. Sympathy is just for the hearts away from you.

These kinds of critical diseases need not be handled very politely and softly as these are extremely fragile. You need to put yourself into others’ socks.  You need to be empathetic and know how to handle those emotions. You need to speak or write to the person.

A word to my friend

Hey friend! I know it is not easy to talk about how you feel every minute, every second, every moment. But it can be lethal for you. And I hope that you also realize the same. Being stressed and suffocated and not sharing and belching out what you feel and experience all the time deep inside your heart is not good for you. It is not true that there is no one around you to listen to you and understand what you feel. Your senses can be sensed. Your stress can be weighed. Your tensions can be identified. Your pain can be felt. But it is not up to this. It is not that you cannot be healed and you will end up alone. It is your family around you. It is me around you. It is the world around you. Feel free to talk to me.

I ensure you that it is not dangerous to talk to me.  I will help you out. You can be comfortable with me. It is not hard to speak. You can speak out and come out of what you are experiencing. We can have more and more chilling outings. Better vibes. Better environment. Just the thing that lies between you and your good and charming health is just a smiling face and a good talk.

It is very easy to live life. I know you are very strong deep inside and that this pity and tiny small depression thing cannot do anything to you. Depression is a very small insect before your great and strong mind. You have a long and happy and lucky life to live. I know you are battling hard to speak; I know your struggling hard to get out of it, but remember nothing is more great and firm than your inner will and mind.

I know communication is the one thing that you are finding difficult to face. But it is not as difficult as you think. Just a word of heart. We all understand. Your health especially your mental health is essential to us. It matters to us. Do not ever think that no one cares for you. We all love you and hope that you should also love yourself and your life more than anything else.

I understand that sometimes it is hard. But not as hard to break. It is not as difficult to pass. You may be numb sometimes you may take some time and struggle to be in this world. But this world can be good to you only if you try to. It is you who need to be the first one to strep first one. It is you who has to help first. We are not going to be bad and had. The world outside is not harsh.

At last, I would say that get up my dear friend get up, get up from that long dark, and stressed sleep of yours to meet that charming and happy and bright world waiting for you out there. There may be hard times to bear, there may be a pain to bear, and they may hardships to endure. But with your powerful will and god’s great grace, you can make it a path full of flowers and not of hot coal for you to walk on. I pray for your good health, blooming mind, and charming smile.

Your loving friend

I hope that it may be helpful for the ones who find victims of depressed people around them. Moreover, I hope next that we can decrease the count of depressed people around the globe and have as many charming faces as we can.

Spread happiness, you will be happy consequently.

These people just need these words of encouragement and a helping hand nothing more than that.  For you, it might be small but a great and saving act for them.

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