Woman was late for work and this is how her boss responded

Well most of the people have a love hate relationship with their bosses. Most of them seem to never understand your situation. Everyone wants to have a cooperative boos. But apart from all the horrible bosses there exists one perfect boss.

Imgur user CainMolir just posted an example of that.

 The Woman was late for the first time in 6 years. What happened was Jehn was late for work & she informed her boss by text. As she was generally never late for work her boss enquired if everything was alright.  To which the women had a very unusual excuse. “Yes. My dog was sleeping and looking really cute. I spent some time taking pictures of him insted of getting ready.”


Woman was late for work and this is how her boss responded


While some booses may have shouted at her for such an usual excuse, her boss didn’t. Here’s how her boss responded.



Imgur user CainMolir posted the screenshot of his chat with Jenn and people just loved it. In a post titled, “Just trying to be a good boss” Molir noted the female employee was just late by 11 mins! So, you can understand why so much of love.

The boss said “this lady has been with the company for about eight years. In my time, she has never been late, called out, etc. She’s also a very sweet older lady that the guys in the office call “Mom.” Two tickets for the Bark at the Park promotional game coming up will be purchased, and given to her by the end of the day. How could I be upset over that cute pup?! Be nice to each other today!”

Whats even more furious is that people want to work for him now. Hers’s how people responded.



Well all we can say that he is one hell of a boss.

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