Why Truck Accidents Are Increasing In California And What Are The Causes

Traffic accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles are a very common occurrence in the state of California. This is due to the enormous size and weight of these types of motor vehicles. Additionally, those involved in these accidents are highly likely to suffer serious injuries and in many cases even death.

If this is something that a person experiences, they are entitled to compensation for the injury or damage to their vehicle. This is precisely why seeking the best truck accident attorney in California is highly advised to guide you through the legal process and guarantee your rights are protected. However, it is also important to mention and elaborate on the causes of these accidents in order to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Reckless driving

When truck drivers engage in any unsafe driving habits such as exceeding the speed limit, illegal turns, or lane changes, it may result in an accident. This may often be a result of inexperienced truckers or ones who do not care for the well-being and the safety of other motorists on the roads.

It is of extreme importance to report any truck driver that seems reckless, especially if they put a person in immediate danger. Every truck driver must obey the state’s rules and regulations of the road. The reason is that most truck accidents happen because of high speeds which increase damage and the chance of fatal consequences.

Driving under the influence

Unfortunately, substance abuse among truck drivers is not uncommon; like many other professions, they are susceptible to addictive substances. Furthermore, it is a demanding and isolated occupation that necessitates long working hours and the time left for relaxation is somewhat minimal. Because of the challenges of being a truck driver, some people turn to drugs to stay awake and attentive or to relieve boredom.

Though they may use these substances to stay alert and awake, they can and probably will have negative effects on the drivers. The drugs can make the truckers unstable and easily irritated, rather than make them better at their job. Some substances can impair the focus, perception, and reflexes when used in excessive dosages or for lengthy periods of time.

Truck Accidents California

Sleep Deprivation

In the state of California, drowsy driving is an issue in general, but it is especially dangerous when it involves truck drivers. In most cases of drowsy driving, the motorist does not get enough sleep before starting their vehicle. This mix of driving and exhaustion can have disastrous consequences.

This type of driving is a major issue, and many experts believe that it is comparable to driving under the influence. For example, a driver who has been behind the wheel for 17 hours or more may make the same mistakes as one who has a 0.5 blood alcohol level. Slower reaction times, weaker visual acuity, and difficulty concentrating will be present in these sleep-deprived drivers, as those under the influence.

Improper Lane Changes

When a truck makes an improper lane change, it can cause serious accidents and almost always result in injuries. The consequences of a truck driver failing to check their blind zones before changes can be disastrous. These accidents can cause serious brain damage, fractures, and sometimes even death.

There are many situations that cause these accidents to happen, including hurrying to reach a destination, significantly bad scan of the road, using a cellphone or an electronic device at the moment of changing a lane, or unintentional change due to a distraction of some kind.

Improper Truck Driver Training

As mentioned above, a trucking accident can occur due to a number of different ways, such as an inexperienced or untrained driver behind the wheel. As trucking companies attempt to get novice drivers out on the roads as quickly as possible, aiming to make more money, these situations occur more often than you might think.

It takes a lot of training for a truck driver to make split-second decisions right. That is why there are many driving schools available and why the drivers must obtain a particular type of driver’s license in order to work in this particular field.

Final thoughts

On the roads in the state of California, traffic accidents involving trucks are a common occurrence. This is why these causes should be common knowledge for everyone, as a sort of warning that any driver may be involved in an accident, whether it’s their fault or not. If an accident happens, the right procedures should be followed.

These include getting medical help right away – even if it is not deemed necessary by the victim, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. The choice of the right attorney is also necessary to ensure that the victim gets compensation and justice.

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