Why Should You Visit Marina Bay In Singapore?

There are a few things that you can expect when you visit most parts of Singapore – clean streets, incredible food, and luxury that means luxury.

As a nation, they are laser-focused on innovation, cutting edge technology, building on something unique – to make it unbelievable.

If you can imagine the best of everything in a location and then imagine it even better, we are some way into picturing the Marina Bay area.

Marina Bay is famous for changing the Singapore skyline forever and is home to Marina Bay Sands. MBS is a $5.5 billion complex that is the heart of the area and has some of the best casinos, restaurants, and even clubs.

Marina Bay Sands casino

Marina Bay Sands casino

Suppose you have headed to Singapore and are going to skip checking out one of the great casinos you’re missing out on some of what makes Singapore great.

The Marina Bay Sands Casino is an enormous 15000-sq-m and packed with the glitz and glam you want from a high-end ultra-classy casino.

The Marina Bay Sands casino boasts 1600 slot machines and over 500 gaming tables. So no matter if you like card games or spinning the wheel on slots – there’s something for you.

One of the master breathtaking features of this Casino is a 7 tonne cha7-tonne that is created using 130000 Swarovski crystals.

Whilst casinos are popular amongst the tourist population, many seasoned gamblers find their way online instead, with many gambling companies like 888 poker who use starting bonuses as a way to attract those wanting to try out new experiences and provide people with more value for money, this is something that venues aren’t always willing to provide due to the clientele and image.

This is a financial battle that many venues may face for years to come, hence why many investors within Marina Bay use the location as a key to attracting travelers all around the world to discover all it has to offer.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is among the world’s most giant observation wheels, which is a beautiful way to see the metropolitan cityscape of Singapore. Visitors may experience amazing views while making their way around the loop at a very slow speed since it rises 165 meters into the sky.

You can see Raffles Place, Marina Bay, CBD, and the Singapore River as you slowly make your way around the giant Ferris wheel.

Each of the capsules on the wheel can hold up to 28 people while making it very popular with tourists and family groups. And you don’t need to be worried about overheating in the capsules; they are fully air-conditioned, like most places in Singapore.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

What better to get some arts and culture while traveling than to check out the colossal Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay. It has Has a few separate areas, including an outdoor performance area, the theatre, and the concert hall. On any given day, you’ll find a massive variety of shows, International Music performances, cultural displays, and other live shows.

This place is even more fun because it hosts a range of free events you can take the whole family to.

You’ll be able to spot the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay by its huge aluminum and Glass domes.

Spectra light show at Marina Bay Sands

If you would like it to be blown away about incredible Illuminations that through the night sky, then this award-winning spectral light show is certainly unmissable. What makes this and see a comma and something you’re undoubtedly likely to have time for is it starts at 8 p.m. every day, and you can enjoy some of the later shows too.

Stunning fluorescent lasers shoot across the water and the sky from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Resort karma and next door’s art science museum.

While many things in Singapore can be pretty expensive, this attraction is free. You could stand almost anywhere around the Bay and still be able to see them.

If you’ve decided to head for an evening meal or spend an evening in the Marina bay casino, you’ll be able to see it any other evening.

This show is very heavily focused on the visual elements; if you go and position yourself close to the Marina Bay Sands, you’ll be able to hear the music that goes along with the visual Illuminations show.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Perhaps one of the biggest tourist attractions in Marina bay is the Gardens by the Bay. If you were to picture a futuristic nature Park, this would probably come pretty close. It has enormous man-made tree structures known as a Supertree Grove that tower high into the sky.

Once you’re there, it won’t be a surprise to know that Gardens by the Bay has won countless awards and is beloved by tourists and locals alike. You can walk through and by the trees, using the stunning skywalk over the Gardens.

Wild the Gardens by the Bay looks stunning at any time of day; it’s when the Night Falls that stands out. Each of the 50 m tall trees are illuminated with a plethora of colors that makes the park feel like magic.

One thing to keep in mind is that walking around Gardens by the Bay is free from around 20, but if you want to use the skywalk, there s a charge.

Marina Bay in Singapore offers something for everyone, a higher standard than you are likely to have experienced elsewhere. It’s an unmissable location from a country that knows how to treat its guests.

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