Why Laminate Is The Ideal Flooring For Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you will know that the décor isn’t too much of a priority for you, and chances are your tenants neither. They know what they’re getting into. What you’re interested in is not offending anyone with any commitment to a style, and more importantly, making the most practical choice so it doesn’t come back to bite a chunk out of your wallet in the future.

That makes sense. It’s why every wall is white, or maybe off-white if you’re feeling wild, and that’s why laminate flooring is the obvious option. In particular, click flooring offers some extra benefits to make things a lot easier. Take a look at our guide to understanding why you, as a landlord should go with laminate.

It’s easy to install

Laminate flooring is easy enough to install. So easy, in fact, that you can do it yourself. If you buy the click flooring available, you can simply click your wooden floor tiles into place like a jigsaw.

This could save you a hefty bill. Hiring someone for the labor of laying the floor could save you some money for a day of solid work getting the floor down yourself. Simply start with a half tile at the back of the room and work your way forward.

laminate Flooring

It’s durable

The unfortunate truth is that this isn’t your tenant’s property, it’s yours. And so, it’s likely they’re going to be a little more careless with your property than with their own. For that reason, when it comes to decorating your rented property, you’re going to want something durable.

There is a lot to love about solid wood flooring, but it is temperamental. It doesn’t like water, which can warp it, and it scratches easily. With a tenant moving furniture about the second they get in scratches are likely to occur and maybe they’ll get a towel for that spill in a minute.

Laminate flooring isn’t immune to scratches, but it is a lot harder to scratch. You can avoid anything major by requesting some felt pads on the bottom of your tenants’ furniture. Other than that, there isn’t much to worry about with laminate flooring. It also doesn’t like water but doesn’t warp as solid wood floors do. If you’re worried about what to put in the bathroom, consider vinyl flooring, which can look just like wood but is entirely waterproof.

It’s stylish

Laminate flooring can come in a range of tones, and you can lay them into parquet flooring to keep things interesting, but ultimately, it’s an inoffensive style of flooring that goes with everything. Your tenants can step into their new home with their favorite rug and build on the style foundations you have laid with whatever style they think suits them.

This is a useful point for you as well, as you might want to offer a furnished home to gain a better rent rate. Just about anything will go with a laminate floor, so go nuts with your décor skills from there.

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