Why It’s Important For People To Learn About Gun Safety

With so much about guns in the news, these days lots of people are starting to wonder if they should buy one themselves. We hear a lot about them whether it is pro-gun people that want there to be fewer restrictions to those that want more.

One thing is for sure, if you live in the US then you should know something about guns. At some point or another, there will be a time when you want to go hunting, need personal protection, or just want to blow off some steam by hitting the indoor shooting range.

It is one of those things that really everybody should have some understanding about. After all, the more you know about something that you don’t understand then the better able you will be to make good decisions.

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In this article, I will go over the reasons to understand how to operate a gun and the most important things to know about safety.

Guns can be fun if used carefully

Though “guns are a serious subject” and should be used carefully, let me start with the aspects about them that are actually fun. You may find that whatever your political stance, you will probably be confronted with using one for something enjoyable at some point. For instance, like fishing, hunting is a great activity that gets you in the outdoors and helps you learn about nature.

Learning how to hunt is a fundamental thing that every man should learn at some point in their life. There is so much to know about how to hunt that even goes beyond gun lessons.

Going to gun firing ranges is becoming a very popular activity for people that don’t even own a gun and have no desire to carry one around or have one in their house. You’ll be getting a lesson from an instructor when you sign up at the range which will give you all the details about the safe and accurate shooting.

Once you learn more about guns your stance on ownership may end up changing and you could find yourself in the market for a gun in which case you’ll want to learn as much as you can before that moment.

A man with gun in shooting range

You’d be exercising a right

Americans have the right to bear arms protected by the Constitution. That doesn’t mean that you are required to do so, but since it is unique in the world, it makes sense that at some point you may want to exercise that right. It may seem like use it or lose it type of scenario.

It fits in with the type of ethos that many men have that the more they know about something then the more well-rounded they are as people. This is information that may never need to be used, but if you have the knowledge then it is there when you do have a need arise.

It can prevent an accident

Imagine you are at somebody’s house that owns a gun. Unfortunately, this person is not a responsible gun owner and they didn’t have their gun secured when you were at their house.

If you have no idea how to handle a gun then you have to trust the person whose gun it is to remove it safely and store it where it is away from the reach of people around. This is the same person that was irresponsible and you may not feel like they are actually going to handle the situation the correct way. What is the correct way? Well, when you understand gun safety then you will know right away what needs to be done.

When you know about gun safety you are able to take matters into your own hands. You will be able to handle the gun safely and make sure it isn’t loaded. If it is then you will know how to unload it and make sure the safety is on and then hand it off to be stored by the gun owner.

How to be safe with a gun

Firearm safety is something that can take pages of reading to learn and a few paragraphs are not enough to be fully prepared. However, knowing what you need to learn is also important so this is a basic primer.

The main lesson to learn about what gun safety is and that you should treat every firearm as if it is loaded and never point it at anybody. Many gun injuries are caused by people pointing guns at themselves or others thinking it was unloaded only to find that it had a bullet in the chamber.

If you do need to fire a gun, you have to understand what is happening around you before you pull the trigger. First off, never fire a warning shot or pretend to shoot. Shooting a gun is a serious matter and can have a lot of unintended consequences.

Make sure that you know where your target is and what is behind them. If you miss your target you are going to hit whatever and whoever is behind them. This is how a lot of injuries and worse happen because a bullet doesn’t just stop if you miss your target.

If you are not firing the weapon then it should be pointed at the ground so it can’t accidentally fire and hurt somebody. And your finger should not be on the trigger unless you are ready to fire. While pointing the gun towards the ground, keep your trigger finger outside the guard.

Lastly, always take care of your gun to make sure it can fire correctly. When cleaning it, take safety precautions so it doesn’t accidentally fire.


Always remember that a gun is a tool. It can be a dangerous tool when not used in the proper context. But, like any other tool, it can be something that is helpful when used properly. Learning what you can about firearms is the knowledge that you will take with you for life. Even when you think you don’t need it.

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