Why Is Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin Better Than The Regular Stuff?

Gelatine is a protein derived from collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that is quite abundant in our bodies. Whether it’s bone, cartilage, skin, joints, hair, or nail, it is found in every part of the body.

Gelatin comes from the soft proteins that connect the skin, bones, tendons, and muscles. These proteins are called Collagen.

  • No, it is not what you are thinking of.
  • They are not made from animal feet or horns.

It is actually extracted from the cattle hide, bones and skin via hydrolyzation. This process involved soaking already cleaned animal parts in a strong acid solution.

The acid solution helps the protein come out from the animal parts. The protein is dried. The dried form of animal protein becomes a gelatinous substance.

Health Benefits Of Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin

Gelatine is a form of protein that is extracted from cattle hide. It promotes many solutions to several health issues. In addition, they come with essential protein and amino acids, which bind the body together.

Here are a few health benefits you can enjoy.

1. Hydrated Skin

The protein and amino acid in the gelatine can help the body create more collagen. However, as people age, their natural level of collagen decreases. This makes the skin dry and makes it lose its elasticity.

One study found that consuming collagen can help hydrate the skins, thereby offering the nourishment skins needs.

2. Lower Blood Sugar

The amino acid glycine in the collagen helps manage blood sugar levels and helps individuals suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

In addition to a drop in the blood sugar level, the study also states that the participants who took part in the study also experienced reduced inflammation.


3. Healthy Intestine

The protein in the gelatine helps support the intestinal wall – the inner lining of the intestine. A study on rats proves that gelatine can help revamp the walls and repair any damage to the intestine’s inner lining.

In addition, gelatin also contains glutamic acid, which serves the same function as an amino acid.

4. String Bones & joints

Our bones have sharp ends which are covered with cartilages. These cartilages are nothing but hardened collagen. They act as protectors of the end part and ensure movement happens all smoothly.

Furthermore, experts are also convinced that the collagen makes these soft connecting tissues strong enough to lift heavyweight.

Why Is Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin Better Than Others?

For us omnivore animals, most of us mostly eat meat. That too, muscle meat and no skin, bones, tendons, and organs. Just think about the meat you put in the salad – Chicken Breast or baked potato with steak.

We don’t see much ordering Liver with Onion, Do we?

But this was not always the case. In the early days of civilization, muscle meat was thrown to dogs, and while humans kept the most sacred part of animals, their organs.

Unfortunately, today, most people struggle with the concept of eating liver and tripe. Fortunately, you have an alternative today in the form of beef gelatin. Consuming the gelatine collagen protein can help you compensate for the nutrients you are missing out on.

While we need collagen protein for health, muscle meat contains just too many amino acids that can cause an inflammatory response in the body.

Grass-fed gelatine has zero tryptophan and a generous amount of glycine. Both work together to benign amino acids.

Potential Risk Of Grass-Fed Gelatin

Although grass-fed has lower levels of saturated fat than the others, they might have higher fat and cholesterol levels. Hence, just because grass-fed doesn’t have any unnatural touch about it, it is safe to eat as much as you want.

Too much of anything is always injurious to health – The same thing stands true for grass-fed gelatine. So you must ensure to eat it in moderation.

Here are a few potential risks of grass-fed gelatin protein.

  • Colon cancer.
  • Iron overload.
  • Parasite infection.

Start Using It Today!

Gelatine collagen has proven itself to offer several health benefits. To take full advantage of the grass-fed gelatin, experts state that taking one tablespoon is enough.

To know more about gelatine and what dosage helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, contact us.

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