Why Business Owners Should Spend More Time Exercising

From Q&A sessions to inside scoops, most leading entrepreneurs swear that spending more time exercising is an integral part of their success. But why does exercise have such a huge impact on our professional drive?

Exercise provides great nourishment for your soul, body, and mind. In this article, we explore the following reasons why youa results-driven business owner — should take a break from the spreadsheets and spend more time exercising:

  • Morning workouts set you up for success
  • Exercise is a creative outlet for business-savvy minds
  • You can establish a consistent routine with regular exercise

Read on and learn to set your business up for success by taking your exercise seriously.

Morning workouts set you up for success

The daily grind of business ownership can take its toll — but is it worth running your internal battery down to the last few percent? Not likely. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg once told Business Insider: “Doing anything well requires energy, and you just have a lot more energy when you’re fit.”

Exercise helps business owners better manage their stress (read this article for more information). It sets you up for success by releasing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine into your body. These natural chemicals (otherwise known as happiness hormones) make you feel more awake and ready for the day ahead.

Moreover, exercise increases blood circulation and strengthens your heart muscles, helping you feel more energized and prepared to tackle fatiguing tasks. So exercising is a no-brainer for business owners needing an extra pep in their step to stay focused and on the ball.

But when is the best time to hit the gym? Well, the early bird catches the worm. Morning workouts set the tone for the day, helping create consistency and improve your drive. Plus, getting up early also improves your chances of going to the gym. After all, feeling too tired at the end of the day can be a routine killer.

Exercise is a creative outlet for business-savvy minds

A keen sense of creativity is a must-have for any successful business owner.

Luckily for you, exercise is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Not only does regular exercise give you more energy to complete tasks, but it also helps you approach these challenges with a fresh, open-minded perspective.

Where is the science behind these claims? Exercise, particularly aerobic workouts, stimulates BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) — a protein that encourages the growth of brain cells in your hippocampus.

While such growth is known to improve your memory, neuroscientists such as Wendy Suzuki, Ph.D. also hypothesize that it improves your ability to imagine new ideas.

Exercise helps establish a consistent routine

Establishing a routine is the key to consistent success in the world of business.

Just as exercise can train our bodies for peak performance, it also coaches our minds to adopt more regular healthy habits. But not without dedication. If you have never previously been into your exercise, sticking to a routine can prove tricky.

It takes 66 days to turn something into a habitual routine (according to this article)  — and if you can achieve long-term success with exercise: why not a more productive approach to business as well?

Routines are important for self-improvement. While there is always room for spontaneity, implementing structure into your day gives you a sense of control: it helps improve focus, organization, and productivity.

Exercise nourishes your soul, body, and mind — so it’s no surprise why many of the planet’s most inspiring entrepreneurs swear by the impact breaking a sweat has on their lives. From setting yourself up for success and embracing your creative side to structuring your life with routine, the role of a business owner goes hand-in-hand with regular exercise.

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