The White Oxford Button Down Shirt Style Guide

A white oxford shirt can be the most versatile shirt in your wardrobe.

So what is the Oxford button-down shirt?

The Oxford cotton button-down shirt is simply made of thicker cotton or a thicker weave. 90 % of the time it’s a shirt with buttons on the collars.

Now what this does is because the thicker weave gives the shirt a more unstructured look compared to that of a normal dress shirt.

This gives you the option to dress it down for almost any occasion. Because of the collar and the long sleeves, it gives you the option to also dress it up on some occasions.

White Oxford cotton button-down goes with almost anything. So this gives you the option to dress it down and dress it up. I am going to talk about some of the outfits and show you just how versatile it is. I’m going to go from the most casual up to the dressiest.

The first look down is definitely the most casual.

Some simple white bands some navy blue shorts and of course the aqua cotton button-down.

This is definitely something you would wear during the day and maybe the spring or early summer.

Because the Oxford cotton button-down is made of thicker cotton if you’re in some of the states or countries where it gets super hot the OCBD( Oxford Cloth Button Down) can get hot sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear it on those summer nights. You can definitely wear it in the fall-winter and spring.

This shirt would limit you in the summer days depending on how hot it gets. This outfit is definitely casual.

This is something that you would wear to go out and have lunch with friends or something like that. So definitely the most casual.

The next look.

White Oxford button-down with jeans

In this look, you want to change the shorts out and put on some jeans and for the shoes, put on some boots.

This is definitely something you would not wear during a summer day depending on where you live if you live in the North where it doesn’t get too hot, then you could pull this off.

Not much to say about it. Just some nice fitted jeans a shirt and some boots definitely make you look sharp and well put together.

White Oxford button-down with grey pants

This is something that I would wear as business casual attire this is something you wear or maybe on Fridays on casual Fridays or maybe to church with your family or dinner, you would wear this to a dinner um with your girlfriend wife, or significant.

Just a simple a clean business casual look. If you wanted you could even change the brown belt and brown shoes out for some black belt black shoes to make this more formal.

You could make this outfit even more of a dress.

Put on a Sports Coat

Put on a sports coat and that is definitely going to make you look a lot dressier. You could even change out the brown belt and brown shoes for some black shoes and a black belt to make it even more formal.

This is something you would wear to a nice dinner with your significant other or someone else.

White Oxford button-down with Cardigan

These are some outfits that you would wear out at night time. Maybe going to the Bardsley friends going wine tasting or just a nice dinner during a cool night.

These are like your go-to for nighttime where the cardigan or the v-neck sweater over the button-down just put everything together. Pair it with nice fitted pants, chinos, or jeans. Whatever you would pick these you just can’t go wrong with them.

They always will make you look sharp, always make you look smart, and always make you look like you know how to dress.

So if you’re in the market for a white oxford cotton button-down or just an oxford cotton button-down, in general, they are very easy to find. Make sure to buy some nice fit Oxford shirts.

You can always take it to a tailor. There’s nothing that’s nothing a tailor can’t fix.

Another thing about the Oxford cotton button-down shirts is, because of the thicker weave and the more unstructured look they can definitely take a beating and last for years. I have a light blue Oxford and I think it’s from Tommy Hilfiger and it has lasted me forever.

So definitely a great investment for yours.

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