What You Need To Complete The Perfect At-Home Cigar Lounge

All men would certainly agree to the idea of having a man cave in their own homes. A bonus on this would be to have an at-home cigar lounge. This room in the house represents a getaway for every man, especially with your buddies over or after a long day, and the desire to puff has kicked in.

This ideal is a thing of the centuries, with legendary cigar men in history setting up the pace and path for today’s cigar-loving men. The concern is that most cigar-loving men still struggle with the necessities required to come up with a perfect cigar lounge in their homes. Also, the cigar lighter is a huge issue for many.

So What Do You Need?

There is a tendency for many cigar lovers to think of the cigar lounge as a very expensive venture. Well, many can also argue about this, but in reality, the answer here depends solely on how basic you are willing to go. This is what a basic perfect cigar lounge needs, one of which is how to find the best cigar lighters for your style.

The right room- A variety is always there to choose from here. The basement, the arctic, the garage, or even a separate room from the house could be your take, But the question of price and effectiveness should be addressed here. A detached lounge is a good choice with it favoring ventilation but again is expensive in terms of water, heat, and electricity installation. The under rooms are good too, especially the basement, but then the issue of dampness and ventilation limits their preference. The garage and arctic seem to take a high preference since they are average on all necessities. These two are hence our recommendations since they would favor good insulation and also cheap necessary installations.

Furniture- This is what gives the ideal room you choose life. It is advised that you choose leather or vinyl compared to fabric upholstery since they absorb less smoke and smell, and this becomes a plus if you are planning to use the room for work purposes. Hardwood and tiles take the same route as leather too.

The perfect lighter(s)and cutters- You have already given life to this room, and now the style is your next concern. The artillery you pull out to your buddies to serve the puffing has always been a status. You want to ensure you have razor-sharp cutters. One of those guillotine cigar cutters would come in handy but also remember to stack some surplus plastic hand cutters somewhere in your den. The lighter is the culminant of all this. You want to ensure you get the fancy status of making lighters. This will not only make your boys go wow but also serve ornamental purposes. Again the basic need of the lighter is lighting, so go for a user-friendly one too.

Humidor and ashtray essentials- These are what every cigar man will tell you they took a sensitive lump of time to locate. The ashtrays you will find stacked in almost all corners of the man cave take a great deal of hunting in smoke shops, so be patient with yourself in your search. The humidor, on the other hand, is what you need to store your cigar stork pile. Here pick a simple medium-sized one for starters, then scale up as your cigar bank grows.

Personal touch- Your man cave is your valid extension, be sure to incorporate your style in there as much as you feel needed. Place your souvenirs, trophies, or even a gramophone would do for music enthusiasts. Make your cigar lounge feel cool and at home for you.

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