What women want? Ending the debate!

In this 21st era, What a woman really wants can’t be guessed.

Some men have thoughts about women that do not reach beyond mushy talks, makeup, sensitivity, and yes of course doubts on everything.

Their thinking limits the answering of the question – What women really want?

Still in most parts of the world women have always been seen either as a house loving lady who has no world outside her.

A woman is always seen as someone who just needs a guy to withstand her expenses.

One neither cares for the fact that the lady has as equal right to view the world as a man holds.

what women want

Women need security in the era where men and women are equal, isn’t it the next question?

Of course, why a girl would require security, either she isn’t strong enough or because of her tantrum behavior.

But I say neither of them is true, because if a lady wouldn’t have been strong enough then she wouldn’t be able to give birth or continue her chores in her cycles.

On the other hand, a written thing is not of any use until and unless it is implied deep into the hearts of every individual.

Equally written in the Constitution hasn’t still imprinted in the hearts of people.

With all the things, women want a man to love her for all her things.

As I believe, women need to be understood properly and the perception of their thinking is just like “cherry on the cake”

But out of all of this, no one literally thinks that women just need respect, love, a safe environment, and a good future.

Some things Women Expect from their partners are:

Good Communication

Women want to communicate with their partners freely.

They want to discuss each and everything with their partners. A healthy relationship depends on good talks and a good talk can sort most of the matters.

Trust & Loyalty

Trust is something that everyone expects from their partners. If you are loyal to a woman then you can expect her to give you her world.


Women want men to be responsible.

You should be mature enough to take responsibility. A responsible man understands how to handle every situation in the best possible way.

Photo by Emma Bauso

Love & affection

It is one of the most important emotions for every woman to feel love.


Understanding is love’s other name. If you don’t understand women you can’t love them.

It’s quite tough to love without any understanding. understanding is the key to a successful relationship.

Supporting your partner

Become a support system for your partner.

This will only increase the level of understanding. Supporting your partner means encouraging them to pursue their dreams and goals.

Spending time with your partner

Spending time with your partner can reduce many conflicts.

The necessity of a relationship needs time where you both can share different thoughts, life goals, opinions, and expectations of each other from their relationship.

Spending time with your partner doesn’t mean to go to dinner, movies, and shopping. you can also spend time listening to each other.

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