What To Write In A Birthday Card For Her?

Birthdays are always special, and to make it more special, you can go with the idea of giving cards, and there are a lot of ideas that will be very helpful for you in the card-making process. I am going to share the best ideas to create birthday cards for her.

I will be sharing the best and most engaging for your partner or loved ones or make her feel more special and connected.

Here, I have found and compiled everything from basic sample birthday wishes you may put in a birthday card to the ways through which you can make someone feel your presence and their importance in your life. These cards will help you to show various connections you might have in your life. You can use the best ideas or ways mentioned below in your birthday card messages.

As this article will help you to write birthday cards for females, you can use these tips to write particular messages for anyone. You can give the card to your mom, wife, or girlfriend.

Card for Mom

Sometimes it’s simple to forget how wonderful and vital Mom is and how much they mean to us, or there are times when we can not show our love towards them. So her birthday is the perfect time to shower your love and make her feel how important she is to you.

Yes, she knows your love and esteem for her, but it doesn’t hurt to let her know from time to time—especially on her birthday. You can get umpteen ideas from Boomf and use them in your cards. I am going to provide you with several ideas that you can put into your card. You can send cute and short messages like:

  • ‘No matter how old I get, I still find that being in your embrace to be the coziest and safest place on earth. Happy birthday to the world’s most caring mother!’
  • Another example is ‘Mothers are frequently said to be the best teachers in the world. I’ve learned over the years that it is true. Thank you for being the world’s best mother and educator. Happy birthday, my most beloved mother!’

Card for wife

Card for wife

There’s always a belief that a woman is behind a successful man as she supports her in every possible way. So why not take out some time and think about your partner that will make her feel very special on her special day? We know that you always make your wife feel special every day, but her birthday is the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond.

You can plan different things to make her special day bigger. While planning the whole day, don’t forget about the beginning, which will include your feelings towards her. You can express your feelings through the birthday card.

As a result, a passionate birthday wish to go along with a lovely birthday card is the ideal complement. When wishing her a happy birthday, use romantic, charming, and loving phrases. You can also select designs that are simple and elegant, flashy and playful, and romantic and sentimental. Additionally, you can include a photo, a name, or a greeting to make your card more unique.

Furthermore, some of the romantic and lovely messages that you can write for her are:

  • With every passing year, you gain more of my love and respect. Being able to spend my life with you is a true blessing. Our relationship, love, and respect for one another have grown stronger as we have experienced many ups and downs throughout life. I adore you, my love; Happy Birthday, honey.
  • You are the sweetest person in the world, and you know how powerless I am in the face of sweetness—dear, Happy Birthday.
  • Your heart is my favorite spot on earth, and I want to tell you how much I value you on your birthday. Birthday greetings!

Cards for Girlfriend

It’s always important and necessary to remember the birthdays of our loved ones, and sending them a lovely card is a wonderful way to show them how much you care. Finding the appropriate words to convey your feelings for someone, though, could be difficult, but the designs you want to make your cards more adorable are pretty straightforward.

They will undoubtedly feel warm and fuzzy inside after receiving a card filled with romantic and sentimental messages. If you like to overdo the romance, think about penning something like:

  • You are the one I will always be with.
  • Simply put, one day a year is insufficient to honor someone as great as you.
  • I appreciate you very much!

Card for friends

Not all females are your wife, girlfriend, or mother; some are best friends. Friends are sometimes so important that they can make you like your home. True friendship enables you to accept who you indeed are. Tell your friend on their birthday and every day after that how much you value them. So to make them feel the same, you need to put effort into their big days too.

As friendship is a long-term investment, there are countless memories. Personalizing the card and making the card more special and memorable. Add photos that will bring back old memories and be very nostalgic.

  • Apart from photos, you can add cute, short, simple, and lovable messages on it. These messages can be.
  • I’m thinking of you on your birthday and sending you my best wishes.
  • Enjoy this great occasion. A very happy birthday to you!
  • I wish you much joy, love, and fun next year. You merit everything. Embrace each minute!


Birthdays are special days and you should make them more special with effort. Starting from the cards to cooking the food for them on their big day can make them feel exceptional and super happy. This article tries to help you with a birthday card and its different messages, as the messages depend on the people you are messaging.

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