What To Wear On The First Day Of Work

So you want to know what to wear on your first day of work.

First of all congratulations on your new job. You did It man. Secondly, I get it you don’t be so overdressed that you stick out like a sore thumb to your fellow peers, and nor do you want to be so underdressed that management starts thinking, this guy is sloppy maybe we shouldn’t have hired him.

You don’t want to create a bad impression.

There are three different categories of the business dress code.

  1. Business
  2. Business casual
  3. Casual

I am going to tell you what each of those categories means and then we’ll discuss what it is that you should be wearing on your first day of work.

So first and foremost let’s get obvious out of the way if your company has a uniform wear the uniform as it was intended. Don’t make any adjustments to it whatsoever on your first day.

Secondly, if your company has a business dress code then wear a business dress code. The first category we are going to talk about is:

men first day to work suit


Business is pretty simple to understand. Basically, it’s a suit a solid shirt, and a tie. It’s going to be dark in color and typically going to be solid.

You can get away with pinstripes. When it comes to issues typically you’re going to do Oxford’s or Derby.

Business casual

Now as I said if your business has a business dress code just go ahead and wear that but if they are a little more relaxed you do want to step up your game a little bit.

Now since you already had the interview where you may have gotten a peek at what people are wearing and you want to one-up them. You don’t want to go so far ahead either so it’s not like you’re going to come into like a big shot.

business casuals for men


What does casual mean? So basically what it means is jeans shorts and t-shirts. Sounds simple right! but there’s a lot that it does not mean.

So when we say t-shirt we’re not talking about a graphic t-shirt. We’re talking about a solid t-shirt.

Sorry, guys, you got to leave your favorite t-shirts behind, and then when we’re talking about jeans definitely stay away from jeans that are ripped, frayed too much of a light wash.

If they have a whole bunch of extra zippers and stuff those are not appropriate for your business. Get them as clean and as solid as you can possibly. Stay away from cargo shorts. That is definitely not acceptable.

You want something basic.

No extra pockets just very simple. In some places, it’s acceptable to wear athletic shoes but I’m not gonna recommend you don’t do that especially not on your first day. If your company is really casual wear jeans wear shorts whatever but pair them up a little bit with a little more fashion.

Remember guys you want to make a good first impression. Make sure you were a solid one, pair up with some nice shoes get some good jeans. What casual does not mean is that you can just roll out of a bed.

What to wear?

So now we’ve had the extremes out of the way let’s talk about what most likely you will be wearing in business casual. Business-casual pretty much means not a suit and not jeans.

That is a huge range of what you could be wearing. It can range anything from khakis and a polo to slacks dress shirt and tie. You can also wear a jacket with it as long as it’s not an actual suit that’s still business casual.

It’s going to depend again on what other people are wearing. So again you did the effort and you have an idea of what people wear now you want to play it safe.

By all means, wear a nice solid white shirt.

Is really awesome. Pair it up with a necktie some slacks and do some oxford and derbies as well or you can keep it a little more casual.

When it comes to pants basically you got khakis and that’s a bunch of different colors of chinos that are a little more relaxed. Polos will be your most basic. That is usually what people think when they hear business casual. Get a long sleeve with a pattern and colors and then you have your solid shirt as well. Also, formal suits for men can be grouped with outfits that will enhance business wear.

So that’s three different kinds of shirts that you can wear. When it comes to the shoes you have a lot of room there as well. You can use your wingtips or brogues.

These are definitely acceptable for business casual.

Show them off.

You can wear suede so you can change the material a little bit it still looks really nice but it has a different feel to it.

If it’s the cold season you can even do some boots. Such as  Chelsea boots. So that’s a lot of different options that you could be wearing.

Choose the business attire accessories

customized pins

You can also choose the right suit accessories to match your suit, small personalized accessories can enhance your overall look. “I don’t wear a brooch, I wear an attitude. Custom cufflinks and custom lapel pin is always the first choice. Tailor pins are the perfect accessory to decorate a suit and people are used to using them to adorn their clothes. Especially when people are going to a slightly more formal event, it can enhance your overall look, and different styles of custom pins will give your whole outfit a new look that you can customize now.

Business casual is what you want to go with.

The other two extremes are not as likely.

Whatever you choose for your first day make sure it fits you great.

Remember we want to make the best impression we can so we don’t want those baggy clothes or those clothes that are too tight you know the buttons are ripping apart.

You want it to fit perfectly as well as you can. So whatever shirt best fits you that’s the one you want to go with. The same goes for the pants.

Whatever you decide to wear on the first day of your job make sure that you are comfortable in it.

The more comfortable you are the more efficiently you will perform at work.

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