What To Look For When Booking A Court Reporter?

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Court reporting is one of the toughest forms of reporting and these reporters have a massive responsibility every time they are in a courtroom. They are, after all, recording and duly noting history. When an individual accounts for a specific event, a court reporter is responsible to record and transcribe it for the masses. They get the written word out so that everyone can assess, review, and understand the situation at hand. But what exactly are some traits of court reporters? What should you look for while booking a court reporter? Let’s clear the air.


One of the first things you want to consider while choosing a court reporter is professionalism. A professional reporter is well-aware of their duties and is always punctual. Legal proceedings take time and they can’t usually start until the court reporter is comfortable to begin their transcription. Since there’s no point billing for lost time, you need to make sure that your reporter is absolutely punctual regardless of the situation.

Another aspect of professionalism would be courtesy. Certain reporting professionals are extremely quiet, and you barely hear them speak during a case hearing. The right ones will do their job with utmost seriousness and precision. They would also be alert enough to document and record every word spoken during the trials and depositions.

Booking A Court Reporter for trail

Reaction to Stress

A professional court reporter is extremely calm and collected, regardless of the situation. That means, they will never lose their cool even when the situation gets extremely chaotic. Reporting in the court of law is no easy feat! After all, the law firm/your client expects the professional to record every single dialogue with utmost accuracy.

When individuals speak, they might be extremely upset, raging, or overexcited. This is especially true for murders and cases pointing to molestation. In these situations, the reporters get to hear heartbreakingly sad yet extremely vital details. So, they need to have a strong enough stomach, to process all the information.

Emotional stability is a part of the job, and no court reporter can compromise on that. While interviewing and exploring professionals, check if they are introverted or extroverted. Court reporting is a people-facing job with no room for shyness. The right reporter will be perfectly comfortable before others and they will be consistently confident regardless of the situation. Make sure your chosen court reporter is an efficient public speaker. Unless they master this art, it’s impossible to do the job efficiently.


Any information disseminated in the court is completely confidential and the court reporter needs to understand this aspect more than anything else. Information shared in courtrooms can’t be divulged to individuals unrelated to the case. They are obligated to ensure and uphold secrecy because even the slightest breach in confidentiality can lead to a disastrous situation. While looking for a court reporter, always look for this factor. Check if these professionals uphold the integrity and check if they have a proven track record of doing the same for several other cases before yours.


A professional court reporter will never skimp on the detail. They will record every word with due diligence, knowing that even the smallest mistake can cost an individual their life. These experts are also good listeners and you should certainly check this trait while booking your court reporter. Unless the professional is detail-oriented and accurate, they will never do a good job with the case, leaving room for doubt and negligence.

Neutral Attitude

A case usually involves a situation, and as to every situation, it comes with two sides. The lawyers and paralegal professionals representing both the victim and the potential offender are biased. They are no expected to be impartial. However, court reporters do not have a similar situation.

Contrary to attorneys, these professionals undergo rigorous training to avoid expressing emotions and opinions on different testimonies. They are taught to be fully neutral before and during the case. So, another factor you need to consider would be impartiality. You need to be sure that you can rely on this individual on official transcripts and they would never insert or omit something in any way that would impact the record of events.


This is yet another trait a court reporter should possess. The key to these reporters’ success is their inherent trait of transcribing dialogue with unbelievable speed and complete accuracy. For being certified court reporters, these individuals need to have a speed of at least 200 words every minute. In addition, they are also expected to be 97.5% accurate. This very trait will filter those individuals who still haven’t worked with a steno tool. This way, you get to hire a court reporter with the highest degree of stenography skills. You might want to check a couple of testimonials of these reporters to see if they have been accurate while handling other cases.

Upholds Highest Quality

Transcripts are one of the major factors to safeguard the legal system. They are but the official details of all spoken dialogue and monologue during depositions and trials. When you work with experienced professionals, you get exactly the kind of service you have spent money on. These experts get back to you with a detailed, error-free, and matter-of-fact reported transcript. Since they also follow the standard formatting guidelines, it will be easier to comprehend and grasp every little detail.

Most professional court reporters now leverage the best technology to deliver just the kind of result required for legal cases. In addition to being determined, confident, detail-oriented, and punctual, they are also aware of the latest technology trends, which in turn, helps them offer an excellent experience to their clients.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re at the end of this article, you probably know what court reporters do and what factors to consider while booking these professionals for your case. The right court reporter will articulate the situation in excellent language so that it reaches and touches the masses. So, keep our guidelines in mind and choose a court reporter who is confident, detail-oriented, and proactive, for crisp and unbiased reporting.

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