What Proteins Have A Direct Effect On How You Age?

Have you ever asked yourself what contributes to accelerated aging? For starters, there is sun exposure and AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). The AGEs usually form when fat or protein combines with sugar. We cannot control some of these aging culprits. However, for the sun, we can apply sunscreen. Also, you can mind your diet such that your body will be protected and your skin will also heal fast.

It’s not that easy to mind your diet. However, you should always keep in mind there are foods that usually affect your skin health, especially proteins, and we’ll list them here.

Always keep in mind we’re all unique. Some people won’t gain from consuming raw, whole, or clean only. When you consume certain foods regularly, it doesn’t mean that your collagen levels will go down and your skin will be damaged. When you stray from a moderate diet, you’ll experience some of these health issues.

Before listing proteins that affect your age directly, let’s first look into how food will affect the aging process.

How Does Food Affect Aging?

The food amount you consume directly relates to a person’s body. When you overeat healthy food, your body will be stressed, and it won’t have enough time to process the food. The main idea is to eat healthy and clean. Also, you should pay attention to your portions. Make sure you take the right quantity and quality of food daily such that your body will become immune and active to flu, among other ailments.

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Does Consuming Meat Contribute to Aging?

Meat is among the common sources of proteins, and it ensures you stay healthy and regain your muscle strength. Nonetheless, if you consume processed meats such as bacon, deli meat, sausages, among others, you’ll experience dehydration. Also, the vitamin C production in the body will go down. You should know that vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen. In the process, you’ll start aging fast. You may want to learn more about what collagen does. Well, collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, healthy joints, and stretchiness.

Some of the proteins that will have a direct effect on the aging process include:

1. Bacon

In the morning, that strip of bacon can be calling on you. For most people, the sizzling bacon strips are preferable. However, you should consider taking tempeh bacon if you want to ensure your youthful appearance stays intact. You should know that cured meats are preserved using nitrates, and they’re among the leading causes of ailments that are age-related, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Charred Meat

2. Charred Meat

When you roast a burger, it will have some black char. To some, the black char is appealing, and they’ll prefer their burgers prepared that way. However, did you know that charred meat causes inflammation? Yes, it does since it usually contains hydrocarbons that are pro-inflammatory.

The hydrocarbons usually break down the collagen in the skin. There is no need to completely erase barbecued meat from your diet. Instead, you should always ensure the black char is scraped off the meat. Also, ensure the grill has been cleaned afterward such that the next meal you prepare won’t be contaminated.

3. Phosphate-Laden Meat

When you consume too much red meat and little vegetables, your biological clock will be accelerated; this is as per research that has been carried out over the years. Your biological age is reliant on the health of the genes. It is closely related to someone’s risk of suffering from ailments that are age-related, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, and osteoporosis. Researchers have found out that red meat filled with phosphates is the leading cause of aging. However, phosphates are supposed to increase the shelf life of red meat.

The phosphates also help to improve the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Phosphates usually help with cell functioning. However, when in excessive amounts, the body cannot process the phosphates, which means you’ll experience chemical build-up in your blood. High phosphates levels will increase the risk of suffering from chronic kidney disease, heart disease, premature death, and weak bones.

You should also know that fatty meat leads to the formation of radicals. Free radicals usually search for missing electrons from healthy cells, and they’ll damage them in the process. The cell damage will then affect the skin’s ability to generate collagen and protect itself.

Meat is healthy. However, you should consume it in moderation. You should opt for leaner meats such as chicken or turkey meat. Also, you should consume foods rich in antioxidants since they help to eradicate the free radicals.

4. Processed Meat

The common types of processed meat include sausages and deli meat. Some of these processed meat types usually have sulfites and different preservatives, and they can easily trigger inflammation. Also, some of these preservatives will accelerate the aging process.

Preservatives also have high salt content, and you may end up looking puffy. Instead of taking deli meat, consume turkey or chicken meat. If not, you can take less meat and more vegetables.

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5. Sushi and Raw Oysters

The raw oysters and sushi have a great taste. However, they carry a lot of bacteria, and they can cause death or illness. When you consume such, you’re putting your life at risk. If you cook them first, such meals are pretty nutritious.

Final Thoughts

For those wondering what is the role of collagen. It is a protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity and stretchiness. When the body is unable to produce collagen, you’ll start noticing the appearance of wrinkles on your face. The skin around the facial area will also start sagging. Fortunately, we’ve managed to list some of the proteins that usually accelerate the aging process. You can avoid these proteins or consume them in small amounts. In turn, you should also mind your portions regardless of whether you’re consuming healthy food.

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