What Is Online Matchmaking, And How Does it Work?

Believe it or not, people actually go to school to study the art of falling in love and matchmaking. With technology making leaps and bounds, online matchmaking has become an even bigger platform.

There are thousands of matchmakers in business, and more make their way into the niche as the demand grows bigger each year. Because the concept of blind dates is becoming more acceptable in our society, more people are opening up to the idea of online dating.

As the demand grows, more online databasing is being developed to enable matchmakers to provide better prospects to their clientele.

The idea is to create the wittiest, most fun profile to attract a potential connection, complete questionnaires, and swipe through other profiles to meet someone special.

How Does The Process of Matchmaking Work?

While the journey to how everyone finds their way to matchmaking might differ, once there, the process of finding a potential love interest is pretty linear.

Firstly, your matchmaker will need to ask you many questions to get to know more about you first. After all, your interests and personality need to be the main focus in finding the perfect person for you. The data gathered helps determine what type of partner would make a perfect match and includes the clients:

  • History
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Preferences
  • Dealbreakers

Match workers play the middle man and serve the role of a dating coach, guiding you through the art of making conversations, proper etiquette, topics to stay away from, etc. After going through your info, the matchmaker will help you secure your first few dates. This is the exciting part!

After each date, hoping that you weren’t nervous enough to forget everything they’ve coached you, you’ll get to debrief with your coach. You’ll discuss how the date went and determine if you still need more coaching or to proceed with more dates.

Apart from helping you give up a few negative habits, your coach may also enlist the help of an image consultant and help you spice up your look.

On average, there are two distinct ways to find your match. After a settled payment, some matchmakers help you connect with prospective matches. This method works because, with a financial investment made, most people are more likely to be serious about the process and show commitment.

However, what happens if “The One” isn’t a member? You won’t be able to match up with them and continue to search in vain.

The second option is where matchmakers pair customers with a person they believe is the best match. This could be a paying member, a free subscriber, or even a friend from outside. With this option, your dating pool is much larger, but also, there’ll be a lot more chancers to sift through.

Is Matchmaking For You?

Online Matchmaking

After spending one too many summers in single-ville, you might consider getting a professional matchmaker to help you out. If you’re unsure whether to go this route, then here are some of the ways professional online matchmaking might help you:

1. For The Busy Professional

It might be difficult to make time for dating with a demanding career. With a professional matchmaker, you’ll have people with shared interests and values narrowed down, and all you have to do is go on dates. That way, you save time on “getting to know empty connections that won’t lead anywhere.

2. If You’re Not Meeting A Lot of Singles

If you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone or are involved in activities that don’t allow you to meet other singles, this might be for you. You’ll get to meet pre-screened singles you wouldn’t have met otherwise with a trained matchmaker.

3. If You’re Looking For A Specific Type

While friends might help you connect with their mutual friends, these might not necessarily be your “your” type. With online matchmaking, you can use an algorithm and rely on a professional’s skills to help you find someone who fits your expectations best for a tailored experience.

4. When You’re Not Succeeding On Your Own

Suppose your online dating profile isn’t getting any hits, or you only ever get first dates that never turn into anything deeper. In that case, you might want to get a professional who’ll help you brush up on your profile and socializing skills.

5. If You’re Shy

For some people, starting conversations with new people can be nerve-wracking. Working with a professional cupid can help this. You’ll have someone who can invest the time and energy to not only help you work on yourself but also help find people who fit your criteria.

6. Those Who Want An Expert’s Hand

The people helping you are trained in the art of dating and have a background education in linked subjects like attraction and socializing. With an expert coaching you, you’ll be able to dig into the best version of yourself, placing you in a better position to find the love of your life.

7. If You Want To Try Something New

If you’ve been single for a long time and have tried traditional dating and dating apps, you might want to try something new and meet new people. Matchmaking offers this opportunity while also providing dating tips on being the best you!


With just a simple subscription, you could have your own personal Cupid at the tips of your fingers with matchmaking. The seeming “convenience” brought about by online matchmaking might make the entire process appear as a fleeting fling.

However, stable, long-term connections are built on shared experiences and deeper connections. A good matchmaker understands this and will be able to use the science behind this to help you find “The One!”

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