What Is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is the way of living that includes your possessions, attitude, and mainly your standard of living. A way of life for living is basically considered a lifestyle. There are many different types of lifestyle which are followed by many people. Lifestyle factors include your diet, health, and many other things. Research conducted by some researchers reveals the fact that a good lifestyle has some choices like;

  • Hydrated body.
  • Nutrition.
  • Stop alcohol and smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Sleep and rest.
  • Doing workouts.

A lifestyle typically reflects an individual’s attitudes, way of life, values, or worldview. Therefore, a lifestyle is a means of forging a sense of self and creating cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity. Not all aspects of a lifestyle are voluntary. So, I would say that lifestyle is nothing but a collection of all the basic small details that we apply in our lives which makes our life totally different from the people around us. Our conversations, dealings, grievances, preferences, and the very fundamental details about us determine what lifestyle we live.

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Lifestyle is how you want people around you to be and how you want to be around people you know. Lifestyle as a concept is just started to judge people around you and make you feel you are above or below them.

“It is accepted that human existence and human life depend on material things.” – Ian Hodder

What do you think lifestyle designing is? Or what it is about? Is it about some art? Or is it about some design?

I will say a hit of both. As lifestyle designing is all about creating, remaining, structuring, building, and designing the lifestyle and structure of life we follow. It is about the freedom and liberty you give to yourself.

In this world of hustle and bustle where you won’t find peace and relaxation, you would probably get confused in a lifestyle of a working man and designing that lifestyle in real. You may think at a moment that lifestyle is just about getting up early doing a 9 to 5 job that yields you maybe 50K-60k bucks, maybe more but then that does not matter. It is exactly the opposite of what lifestyle designing is and exactly similar to what people think lifestyle designing is in their so-called, smooth life. We tend to forget the fact that there is an essential need for personal space. There is an urgent and important need to know the personal assistance of one’s self and letting one know that pampering one’s self and giving oneself the required time to rejuvenate.

What is lifestyle designing?

Before getting started with what lifestyle designing is. We must know what lifestyle is and what does design stands for.

If you will search it on a browser you will get an outer description of lifestyle as:

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Moreover, a broader sense of lifestyle as a “way or style of living” has been documented since 1961. Lifestyle is a combination of determining intangible or tangible factors. Lifestyle is a way of living our lives. A healthy and sorted lifestyle is very important these days because we all are engaged in worldly matters. Lifestyle designing is an exceptional art where you dig the best out of yourself and know the best creativity out of yourself. Lifestyle designing is an exceptional art where you dig the best out of yourself and know the best creativity out of yourself.

Why practice lifestyle designing?

Now, here we have learned that what is lifestyle the next question arises that why do we need to manage out all this and why do we need to practice lifestyle designing. For instance, we know the current situation of the world. Our world is suffering from the pandemic of covid-19 and it has an effect on our daily life. In this situation, a healthy lifestyle is key to handle every situation around the world.

Faith, hope, love, and understanding each other.

Cultivate these Cardinal virtues, they cover everything.

Be gentle with yourself but work on making every single day a little bit better than you were the day before. No zero days, even if you can only do the bare minimum, do it. Always do your best and you will get the best. When your best isn’t perfect, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Try to leave any place or thing just a little bit better because you were there.

Give to charity, it will aid in long-term happiness and you will feel self-motivated.

Be Healthy in mind, body, spirit. Filter what you watch, consume, and think. Read the ingredients. Avoid temptations. Take joy in the discipline. Apply this to more than just the body, to be healthy, don’t neglect mind and spirit and focus just on the body.

In a nutshell, Lifestyle is:

    1. Focusing on needs and not wants.
    2. Live below your means.
    3. Focus on your health.
    4. Enjoy life happily with no regrets.                                                                                                        

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