What Is A Status Watch And Should You Get One?

Most people think of a sports car, a mansion, or the latest phone models as status symbols. But a watch is one item that evokes luxury yet is still more readily attainable than the rest. Yes, a little timepiece that doubles as an accessory is considered by many to be a status symbol.

Time and again, status watches have been the accessory of choice for many stylish men. Despite being readily available, not everyone owns a luxury watch due to its price. Models could range from USD$5,000 to as high as USD$5 million. So, why are these watches so sought after?

Read this article on what makes certain watches status symbols, and gauge whether you should have one or not.

1. The Art And Science Behind Them

Like modern athletic shoes and anti-theft bags, status watches take time and effort to create. They result from master craftsmanship and science working together to make luxurious pieces that’ll last for years. If you want to be unique, you should try pocket watches from Dalvey.

The watches people know today were developed over decades of scientific development without sacrificing design to suit any outfit. Hence, status watches like those in the Rolex watch collection provide top-quality performance while offering style and prestige to their wearers.

Consider getting a status watch if you’re not into accessories but want something to complement your outfits. Its stylish design and useful features may be the only piece you’ll need.

2. The Watch’s Inner Mechanisms

You may be wondering why there’s a significant price difference between standard watches and high-end status watches. There’s a good reason for this, and it’s the internal machinery. A watch requires machinery to function correctly and show the time of day.

Most affordable watches work on quartz. These timepieces must be powered by batteries in order to function. Quartz watches are inexpensive to produce; thus, they’re sold in affordable prices. Unfortunately, watches running on quartz don’t last long, and it doesn’t provide accurate time.

On the other hand, luxury watches work mechanically. These watches need springs to keep the gears moving and winding for regular adjustments. Additionally, a status watch may have features besides the long and short hands and the numbers. Some have mini compasses, while others display the date, day, or moon phase. And unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches last much longer, which increases their value.

Standard watches are suitable for those who don’t mind replacing batteries or the watch itself. But if you prefer an accessory that accurately tells the time and will stay with you for an extended period, you may want a status watch instead.

Rolex watch

3. Their Purpose

The primary reason why people wear watches is to have something to tell the time. Indeed, regular watches you’d find online or in physical stores can do the job. However, status watches were initially made for a bigger purpose.

Experienced scuba divers and astronauts are unlikely to be seen working while wearing simple watches. It’s worth noting that Quartz watches tend to stop functioning when exposed to extreme temperatures or distorted magnetic fields, which can be inconvenient for the wearer.

This is why status and mechanical watches are frequently referred to as ‘professional’ watches. Specialists wear them in particular fields where they can continue to work without breaking down. For that reason, manufacturers can’t mass produce them and must rely on excellent quality control to create them and ensure they always work. That’s also one of the reasons why status watches are quite rare, with only a few pieces made each time.

Professionals who need accurate timing could benefit from having a status watch. But even if you have a watch that can withstand changing temperatures and sudden impacts, that doesn’t imply that they aren’t prone to eventual damage. Proper care and regular status watch service will ensure your luxury timepiece keeps going no matter where or how you work.

4. The Watchmaker’s Legacy

There’s something special about owning something that took time and effort to create. You could say wearing luxury accessories like a status watch is akin to owning an original painting created in the Renaissance. Many watch companies have been in business for decades, if not centuries, and have become household names. Throughout that time, the crafters developed new, better ways to make their watches and make them work more efficiently.

In a way, each piece carries the watchmaker’s history, even if it was recently produced. Your status watch is a result of years of trial and error. It’s a symbol of the crafter’s blood, sweat, and tears in their pursuit to create a fine accessory to be loved by its wearer. If you appreciate the lengths a watchmaker has gone to for their craft, you may enjoy keeping a status watch they’ve made and wearing it daily.

5. The Watch And Wearer’s Story

Each piece of jewelry holds a story. If you were lucky enough to receive a well-loved status watch from a friend or close relative, you now possess a piece of history in your hands. That accessory may have witnessed hundreds of significant events in its previous owner’s life and survived to this day. It’s one reason to treasure such an item. Just make sure you adjust the watch band first, so it fits perfectly and is ready to witness your adventures.

The Perfect Status Accessory For All Time

Luxury watches may be pricey, but they’re one of the more reasonable items to invest in and show off as a status symbol.

Although many people nowadays prefer smartwatches, no one will look down on you for choosing to wear analog status watches. They’re classy, functional, and durable accessories that could make you reconsider acquiring more jewelry since a watch is more than enough.

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