What Factors Affect Car Insurance

You might think that it is just the amount of time you have been driving or the fact you haven’t been in a crash that will change your car insurance, but actually, there are a couple of factors that can change it.

Here are the factors that can impact your car insurance:

Where you live

It is a good idea to check what the impact is on where you live on your insurance. How much is car insurance change if there is a high crime rate in your area if there are a lot of crashes, a high rate of vandalism, and even the weather?

All of these are taken into account when it comes to vehicle insurance.


What you might not know is that jobs that have an association with high-stress levels will have high vehicle insurance. Those that are in high-power roles like senior positions are often considered to be at risk of crashes.

Another job that will typically see a higher rate of insurance is those who drive for a living. The longer the house you spend on the road, the higher the probability you will get into a crash.


Car Mileage

One of the most basic principles for motor insurance companies is that the more miles that someone clocks, the more likely they are to get into an accident. While driving might not be your occupation, if you rack a lot of hours up driving, you will see an increase in your car insurance.

Conversely, drivers who clock a well-below average amount of miles per year might also have high insurance – because they could be considered as not having a lot of experience and are more likely to have an accident.


Unsurprisingly parking in a garage or on a driveway will have a cheaper insurance price than those who have to park on the street. Parking your car on the street opens it up to being stolen or crashed into by another car. Cars parked in a garage are considered safer.


Anything that is done to the car to make it faster or increase the performance and the look of the car in any way can increase your insurance. The modifications increase the value of the car and increase the chances of it being stolen – or parts being taken off it.

Modifications that make the care safer, like immobilizers, will not increase the cost – they might reduce it.

Driving history

If you have never had a crash and never claimed anything on your car insurance, you will likely get a very friendly car insurance price. However, if, like many drivers, you have had a small crash in the first few years of driving, you will see this reflected in your yearly insurance cost.

Your driving experience and history will be one of the biggest factors when it comes to getting a good insurance quote.

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