What Every Stylish Man Needs To Know Before Hitting The Casino

Few social scenarios can be as exciting for the style-conscious man as a trip to the casino.

Thanks to some of Hollywood’s most stylish leading men, a night at the tables is synonymous with cool clothes and suave behavior.

But if you’ve only ever played online, how do you sort fact from fiction when it comes to real-world casino style?

Is it really all tuxedos and cocktails, or would you feel embarrassingly overdressed in more than a hoodie and jeans?

Here’s what you need to know about looking and acting stylish when you visit a casino.

Find out which casino is right for you

You’ll find pretty much the same games and slot machines wherever you go.

But each casino has its own minimum and maximum bets, as well as a unique atmosphere and ambiance. And that means a little research is a good idea.

Las Vegas, that mecca of casino gambling in the Mojave desert, has over 100 casinos – each one attracting its ownspecific type of gambler. So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, find out which of the famous Vegas casinos will suit you best, and if your rather prefer playing in online casinos, you can discover the best casino bonuses on this website.

And if you’re a style-conscious man, Hollywood might have a say in where you go. Head to the Mirage if Matt Damon’s smart-casual look from Rounders is your vibe.

But if you’re donning your best suit for Ocean’s Eleven-themed fun, it’s the MGM Grand all the way.

Before Hitting The Casino
Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

Take a jacket or sweater for the casino floor

It’s a myth that casinos pump oxygen into the building to keep you alert. That would be both hugely expensive and one hell of a fire risk.

But most casino floors are air-conditioned and first-timers often get caught out by the chill in the air. Don’t be one of them.

Work a layer into your outfits, especially if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas.

When you’re in the middle of the desert but moving from one air-conditioned casino to another, you’ll want something you can easily slip off and on.

Pair a merino wool sweater with a shirt and shoes. If you’re more of a t-shirt and smart sneakers guy, go for a lightweight wool or cotton blazer.

Either look is classic smart-casual and will take you stylishly from day to night.

Dress for the clubs and bars as well as the casino

If you’ve never been to a casino before, your outfit inspiration is probably all Hollywood.

And while you’re welcome to go full James Bond, most casinos actually run a pretty casual dress code – which makes Alan from The Hangover a legit style icon too.

Grubby workwear and too-casual sportswear are generally a no. But t-shirts, smart jeans, and clean sneakers are usually fine.

Dress for a first date, or for evening drinks with friends, and any casino or club should welcome you with open arms.

If you’re unsure, opt for a classic white Oxford button-down shirt and dark jeans with suede boots or lace-ups. You’ll be smart and stylish, but also comfortable and club-ready without feeling overdressed.

Tip the staff, especially the dealers and waiters

Unless you live in a world of fancy hotels and exclusive restaurants, opportunities for tipping don’t come along that often.

And that’s a shame because tipping is essentially a fast track to becoming Cary Grant – easily the most stylish man of all time.

But tipping in a casino can be a bit of a minefield. When should you tip? Who should you tip? How much are you expected to give?

In the UK, you should set aside around 10% of your total gambling budget for tipping dealers and anybody who brings you a drink.

And if you’re heading for the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, try to stick to these two rules. One, if a cocktail waiter is serving you drinks at the table, tip them at least $1 each time.

And two, tip the dealer with a $5 chip for every hour you spend at the table. Easy.

Wear a wristwatch to stay within your limits

Nobody really needs a wristwatch nowadays. In the smartphone age, strapping a tiny clock to your body is a bit of an old-fashioned habit – unless of course it’s made by Apple.

But you do actually need a wristwatch in a casino, and here’s why.

First, you’re unlikely to find a clock on the casino floor. The owners want you focused on gambling, not on how long you’ve been there.

Second, it’s bad etiquette to use your cell phone at the table. But it’s important to keep track of time in order to stick your limits.

Include a watch in your pre-trip outfit planning. If you’re going for the dressed-down t-shirt and sneakers look, dress it up with a classic leather-strapped timepiece. Wear a smartwatch or your favorite Casio with a suit or blazer for a touch of Silicon Valley cool. Before Hitting The Casino

There’s more to style than fashion. As well as elegant outfits, true stylishness is about elegant behavior. And while nobody expects you to be as suave or charming as 007, there are some simple things you can do to stay classy at the casino. Set sensible limits and don’t gamble beyond them, and take it easy on the alcohol – especially if it’s complimentary. Follow these tips and those above, and you’ll hit the casino in style every time.

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