What Does A Software Development Company Do? All you Need to Know!

Twenty years ago, no one would have imagined that software would become part of our daily life. Today, it exists in every aspect of one’s routine, from streaming your favorite sitcom, or listening to an artist’s new album on your phone, to, in many cases, your everyday work. And so, software development is on the rise.

Any company that wants to prevail and succeed in this tech world must be aware they need some sort of software development tailored for them.

There exist software engineering firms that work along with different businesses to provide solutions for them. That may be to develop custom software for a specific company or to provide tools that will help get work done easier and faster, for example.

What Services does a Software Development Company Provide?

Software development consists of conceiving, building, and maintaining a piece of software, and all its components. It’s performed by software developers dedicated to research, benchmarking, prototyping, and testing the software. On top of that, of course, keeping it bug-free. There are many types of software development that these companies can provide. Here are some examples:

Web Application Development

Many companies need to develop a web app for their business. The type of development will depend on the nature of the business and its goals.

Web apps tend to have shorter development cycles, as web developers often reuse code. It’s necessary to do so, because these apps are iterated very frequently, based on end-users feedback.

There are several specific aspects of this kind of development to take into account, such as:

  • Security: Web applications usually need more security than desktop applications, as they are much more exposed to cyber-attacks. Depending on the type of business, data that can be accessed by people outside the company may be very sensible. Such is the example of banks.
  • Specific requirements: As these apps are regularly built to be used by end-users, they have certain requirements to be fulfilled that other developments don’t need to meet. This implies a greater amount of testing before it is productive.

Custom Software Development

Software Development

Both custom and off-the-shelf development options are available on the market. The discussion about which of the two is a better choice is still ongoing, and the fact is that it depends on the needs of the company, and on its business goals. The cost-benefit of one option or the other can then be evaluated.

Big organizations typically need to cover some requirements that they cannot always find in off-the-shelf solutions. That’s why they turn to custom development.

Among the benefits of choosing a software development company for tailored software engineering, you can find:

  • The company owns the source code, which makes it scalable if future revisions are required.
  • Custom software is built to meet all the company’s needs. It doesn’t require modifying something that was previously defined.

Mobile App Development

There’s no doubt that mobile devices have become an essential part of most people’s lives. And of companies’ lives, too.

Mobile apps are increasingly in demand. Developing this type of application has certain requirements, quite different from desktop apps or apps designed for web browsers on the computer. Some examples of that, are:

  • Small screens. Mobile device screens are much smaller than desktop ones, meaning that the user interface (UI) has to be built in a particular way for optimal user experience.
  • To build an app for mobile devices, designers and developers must consider designing a user-friendly app that requires few user interactions to perform a certain task.

3 Benefits of Working with a Software-development Organization

Whether it’s a big business, a startup, or an entrepreneur, they sometimes become overwhelmed when it comes to defining certain things related to software development. Consulting with an expert company in the field can bring many benefits, such as:

Information and Clarity in the Process

The hired software development company takes care of all development-related issues. While this is absolutely true, the firm interested in the development is always part of the process. This means that it never loses control over what is going on.

For example, unlike what happens when hiring an off-the-shelf app, a tailored-made app ensures that the company has input at all times and that this input will be taken into account when designing and implementing.

Support throughout the Entire Development Life Cycle

Software development consulting companies aren’t just there for the development itself. They accompany the whole product development life cycle.

This means that they will go hand in hand with the business to brainstorm, develop the idea, implement it and iterate it when necessary.


All companies, whether they are small, medium, or large, want to achieve scalability.

Relying on the support of a software development company makes this possible because they’re specialized in tailoring apps and/or frameworks to the company’s needs, at any given moment.

In addition, they count on experts in various fields who are ready to do their best to achieve this at every stage.

All in all, partnering with a software development company can be highly beneficial to the expansion of your business.

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