What Do Women Prefer When It Comes To A Circumcised Penis?

Do you want your dates and relationships with women to go as smoothly as possible? Here’s what women say when it comes to their preference of circumcised penis.

The size, shape, strength, and length of a man’s penis can make a big difference in his love life. Circumcision or lack of circumcision can also make vast differences in penile health, from hygiene to penile cancer.

Are you curious about circumcised penis preferences? The details about the preferences of both the penis owner and the penis lover are as follows.

Why Some Women May Prefer An Uncircumcised Penis

Alright, so let’s talk about the uncircumcised elephant in the room. Do women really prefer a circumcised penis, or does the preference sway towards a more natural-looking uncircumcised unit?

When a person is born with a penis, the parents and the doctor decide whether they should be circumcised or left with natural foreskin. But, as they hit puberty and begin to explore their sexual side, they are faced with the decision that their parents made for them so many years ago.

For some religious women, finding a partner with an uncircumcised penis might feel kismet and natural. Those with no religious beliefs surrounding circumcision could find an uncircumcised penis more pleasurable because there is simply more to love when he still has his foreskin.

The preference for an uncircumcised penis varies from person to person and partner to partner.

Why Women Might Prefer A Circumcised Penis

Some women may prefer a circumcised penis because they feel that the extra skin of an uncircumcised penis can be unhygienic. This may be true for some men who were never taught how to properly clean their genitalia.

Having a previous bad experience, or hearing horror stories of bad hygiene, can be a sexual turn-off and make you think that you do not like an uncircumcised penis or prefer it if the man is circumcised.

Another reason that some women prefer a circumcised penis is for purely aesthetic reasons. They think that a lack of foreskin makes a penis more attractive, again this is only based on the opinions of some people.

The last reason that a circumcised penis is preferred is that a circumcised penis is more sensitive, and people believe that they do not climax as quickly if they are circumcised.

Again, the decision to have a circumcised or uncircumcised partner varies from person to person.

Will Circumcision Affect Size?

Circumcised Penis size depicted with a building

Since you can’t talk about penis or sexual pleasure without talking about size, we are going to discuss whether circumcision affects the size of the penis.

Circumcision does not alter the size of a penis. The penis itself will look different, but the size will remain the same. Only the foreskin is removed.

The Libido

Libido refers to a person’s sex drive.

When a male libido is high, they will be horny and want to have sex more often. When a person’s libido is low, they may not have the desire to have sex frequently, or at all.

Libido can be naturally high or low, and can also be affected by many external sources, including side effects of medicine, stress, their partner, diet, exercise (or lack of it), and of course their attraction to their partner, or the chemistry between them.

With all of that being said, you are probably wondering what this has to do with circumcision. A lot, actually.

If the person with the penis is not confident about their penis, whether it be circumcised or not, will naturally translate into the bedroom. On the other hand, if they are confident in their body, it will shine through in their sexual performance and improve libido.

Does Circumcision Really Matter?

Does penis circumcision really matter? If you are wearing a condom, can your partner even tell if you are circumcised or uncircumcised just by the feeling?

In the long run, will the state of a penis circumcision make or break a relationship? Honestly, if the penis circumcision (or lack thereof) breaks up a relationship, then it probably wasn’t your soul mate, and you should happily let them move on without you.

What Men Prefer

Of course, men want to please their partners and for their partners to be happy with their penis. But, isn’t the man’s preference about his penis the most important thing? (The answer is yes!).

Body image can make a huge difference in self-confidence and sexual performance. Men and their penises are an ageless battle because they are constantly told by society that size matters and therefore are always trying to measure up to the standards that they have absolutely no control over.

The Health Risks

Above the aesthetics and the points about pleasure, we should probably talk a bit about the health side of getting (or being) circumcised. Is male circumcision a health risk, or is leaving the penis uncircumcised the unhealthy option?

When it comes to female circumcision, it is considered genital mutilation. Is that the same standard for men, or is it viewed differently?

As many health benefits as there are for circumcising a penis, there are also some opposing health risks to having the procedure performed.

Of course, as with any other surgery, complications can happen, although they are rare.

  • Improper healing
  • Infection after surgery
  • Too much skin removed
  • Not enough skin removed

For a parent who chooses to have their child circumcised and for the surgery or the healing process to not go as it should, feels like they may have made the wrong decision. They feel very badly that their child is in pain and faces yet another procedure to have the circumcision repaired or suffer from the botched surgery for the rest of their life.

The Health Benefits

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says the risks of circumcising a newborn’s penis are outweighed by the health benefits. The health benefits of circumcising a penis are:

  • Lower risk of penile cancer
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Lower risk of STDs
  • Easier for hygiene

These are just some of the benefits of circumcision. Although it is recommended to have the procedure done at birth, the decision is left up to the parents of the child.

Want to know more about the benefits of circumcision? You can find out here.

Why Men Get Circumcised

Adult males deciding to have their circumcision performed are more common than you might think. They may have this procedure done while in a sexually active relationship, or in between partners.

The choice to have a circumcision may be one that they choose or one that is recommended by their physician. This is either because they have suffered from infections, to prevent infections, or for aesthetic reasons.

Getting Circumcised As An Adult

If a man was not circumcised at birth, he may decide to do it when he gets older. Why would he choose to have this procedure done as an adult?

Typically, a penis is circumcised at birth or shortly after, because it is a painful process and babies most likely will not remember. Yet the baby may have health concerns that make the procedure impossible, or the parents might decide not to have it done.

When an adult male decides to schedule a circumcision surgery, he will probably have a local anesthesia injection to numb the penis. The surgery itself will not take long, thankfully.

After the surgery, pain medication will be suggested or prescribed once the anesthesia wears off. The penis has a lot of nerve endings and is a very sensitive body part, so it will be tender for about a week.

During the healing process, getting an erection will be painful, and it is suggested to avoid it if possible. Also, during this time, you should avoid having sex or masturbating so that the wound can heal properly.

The History of Circumcision

So, how did circumcision even begin? Who first thought, hey, let’s get rid of this skin on the end of the most sensitive part of the male body?

Some believe that the first circumcision dates back to the biblical age and began with Abraham. Those people believe that God himself told Abraham to circumcise himself and his sons.

Others claim that the first records of male circumcision date back to the Egyptian 6th dynasty and say that a male had to be circumcised as a rite to the passage of priesthood.

Another belief is that men were circumcised to prevent them from masturbating. Masturbation was believed to be linked with mental disorders, basically, that touching yourself made you crazy.

Masturbation was also thought to be a form of self-harm, and frowned upon, as it was believed to pollute a person with impure thoughts.

Making a Decision About Circumcision

Whether you are a penis owner or penis lover, surely this information about a circumcised penis and the health and sexual facts has been quite enlightening. For men, talk to your doctor and make an informed decision about adult circumcision.

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