What Are Sponsored Reviews: Ultimate Guide

What are sponsored reviews? Are sponsored reviews even worth it? These are the questions everyone is asking these days. Every so often you find someone asking in a Facebook group whether they should get sponsored reviews or posts.

But, I think the real question is, are backlinks even worth the time spent by you to acquire them. Why I am relating sponsored posts with a backlink? Well, You do sponsor reviews to acquire a link from a blog or site that helps increase the authority of your site. So, they are both interlinked to each other.

A sponsored review or paid posting allows bloggers to make a significant income for a review they post. This helps them earn money by blogging in a very short time as they are paid to write. Some people do press releases as well. With native advertisements ad networks such as Google Adsense, MediaVine, Taboola, Outbrain,, and Facebook ads you have to wait quite some time to start getting some results. On the other hand with sponsored posts, you are in control of each and everything. A blogger may have social networking sites and media kits to look at.

For advertisers getting sponsored reviews from bloggers is the quickest way to increase their site authority and to get a significant boost in site traffic. The potential advertiser can also ask the bloggers to publish their post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest e.t.c

To find blogs for sponsored content and reviews, you can search “Write for us lifestyle” on google. Most of the blogs have links to advertise page at the bottom of the site to help the advertiser get a clear view of the statistics of their site.

 Sponsored Reviews

What Does a Sponsored Reviews or Post Mean?

When you pay someone to publish your article on someone else’s blog it is classified as a sponsored post. The content for the sponsored posts is written by you or you pay the blogger to write a review of your product. Sponsored posts are an important part of an advertisement campaign and every company allocates some decent budget for this.

If you are submitting your own article, keep in mind that every blog has its own sponsored posts guideline which you have to follow.

Most of the sites will only accept high-quality content. It’s best to let the blogger write the content for you if you don’t have the necessary skills to write good enough content.

For paid post or posts a company may also send you the products like grooming products, tech products, or even a book to get it reviewed on your website. The products reviewed on your website are generally in form of a post.

The company may ask to write one or more paid posts for a specific product on your website. In case of more than one paid post on your website, you can ask the company for compensation accordingly.

Once the post is live on the site you can ask the company to get paid. One way is to ask for a 50% advance to be paid before starting to work on the content.

You can Get Started with some review platforms if you’re looking to get sponsored reviews

Different Types Of Sponsored Reviews

There are various types of sponsored reviews. The most common types are

  1. Blog Review
  2. Product Review

Blog Review: 

In the case of a blog review, the advertiser will write some content on their site. Now they will want to promote that content in order to help it rank higher on google for organic search. To grow your business you the advertiser will reach out to bloggers in order to get sponsored reviews. If Some advertiser wants to promote a specific piece of content it will be specified as a blog review.

Product Review:

When some company launches a new particular product they want it to promote it. To promote that product the company will reach out to product review bloggers. Some companies give gift cards or pay a specific amount of money to bloggers to write a review for their product or some companies send the product itself to the blogger. The blogger will then use that product for some time and then write a review for it.

How Much Money Do You Make Or Spend On Sponsored Reviews?

I have seen advertisers pay to sites that make more than 3000$/Month to publish sponsored posts. There is a lot of money to be made from sponsored posts. You should charge according to the quality of your site.

On the other hand, if you are an advertiser who wants to get a sponsored review you should be looking at a number of different options before allocating any budget.

A Sponsored review from a high-quality Blog generally costs more than 100$. Some charge more and some charge less. Some charge for posting your review on social media. It’s up to you to find out if it’s worth getting a sponsored review from that specific blog for that price.

It’s good to have a look at the backlink profile of the blog before making any decisions. Check the site quality, site traffic, and most importantly site relevance.

Site Relevance

One important thing to keep in mind while getting sponsored reviews from bloggers is to check the site’s relevance. Try to get a sponsored review from a site that is relevant to your site.

Just think about it. A health-related blog post on a real estate blog. Sounds Strange! Right!

You don’t want to be doing this. By getting highly relevant sponsored reviews you are more likely to achieve success in your advertisement campaign. Google will get a better view of what your blog is about and will rank you higher in your niche.

Statistics To Look Before Getting Sponsored Reviews 

You don’t want to get a review from a site that is not high quality. People read content on good sites. On the other hand, you don’t want a link from big sites if it’s not within your budget.

You have to find some high-quality sites and look at their stats before making your decision to get a review from them. Look at their backlink profile, site traffic, traffic sources, social media, Alexa ranking, youtube subscribers, social media platform, and domain authority(DA) or domain rating(DR).

DA or Dr helps you get a better view of how high quality the site or blog is based on domains referring to them.

A well-designed blog with high traffic will generally charge you more than a blog with low traffic. But, there are some blogs that have low traffic but will charge you more.


There are in a niche in which low traffic can make them huge profit. Think for a while. A site with 10k visitors a month is making $5k/Month. They are not going to publish your sponsored review for a low price as they are already making a lot of money.

Have a good look at the social media stats. Social media can bring in a lot of traffic, I have seen sites that get almost no traffic from organic search but they bring in huge traffic from Pinterest or Facebook. In this case, ask the blogger to publish your post on their social media handles as well. Some bloggers will charge you extra for this.

Sponsorship Disclosure

Disclosure is the act of disclosing something. Make sure that you add a disclosure for the products you are reviewing. It is mandatory by law to add a disclosure that you are doing a review of a product for a specific company. FTC says that disclosure should let your readers or viewers know that you are getting paid by a company for that post. Disclosure will also let your viewers know that you are promoting a specific product for a specific company.


My honest opinion is that sponsored reviews are worth your money. You want to build your brand and for that creating awareness is the first mandatory step.

Building links to your site is a very important part of your marketing campaign. Getting links from different high-quality sites should be your main motive for your marketing agenda. Links help you rank and links help you build trust in the eyes of Google.

I would even go as far as saying that spending your money on sponsored reviews is the best way to rapidly gain traction and rank higher in organic search.

Advertising products on a website is the best way to increase visibility. The social media management team should understand that advertising on websites is the best way to get the best ROI from their marketing budget.

Advertising is a long-term game and good management can better understand this. Make sure that your advertising is up to the point. Good management of your sponsored marketing campaigns will take you very far.

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