We Experienced The Secret Adventures Of Jurassic World At Dinosaur Club (IT WAS AMAZING)

Almost all of us have gone through a dinosaur stage in our lives, when we eat, sleep, and breathe dinosaurs. However, many of us don’t grow out of this stage. But why are dinosaurs so fascinating?

One of the main reasons we all love dinosaurs is because they’re big, scary, and exciting. Very few other creatures in this world have ever been as fierce or as scary as dinosaurs. Another reason we love dinosaurs is that most of us still know very little about them. This means that we have to rely on research and our own imagination to picture what these amazing creatures were like.


If you love dinosaurs, like learning about them, and you want to have a fun day out then why not visit the dinosaur club? Dinosaur club is a parent-child experience center that integrates science, entertainment, education, and a dinosaur-themed restaurant. Keep reading below to find out some of the things you can do at this amazing club:

Experience Animatronic Dinosaurs

When you first enter the Dinosaur Club, you’ll be greeted by a lifelike animatronic T-Rex dinosaur. This dinosaur towers above guests and roars and moves as you enter the club. You will then come to Dinosaur Corridor. While walking through this corridor, you will get the opportunity to learn about a range of different dinosaurs and start a time journey with them.

The Magic Telescope

At the end of Dinosaur Corridor, you will find a magic telescope. This telescope can be used to bring the T-Rex to life. Although T-Rex became extinct over 65 million years ago, you will get to see what this amazing creature was like. But be careful, this experience can be a bit frightening for some.

The Cinema

As we mentioned above, you can learn a lot about dinosaurs by visiting Dinosaur Club. For example, if you want to learn about how dinosaurs originated, then you can visit the cinema at Dinosaur Club. This cinema tells wonderful stories about the origin of life, how dinosaurs evolved, and why they became extinct.

Virtual Reality Experience

If you want to travel back to the world of the dinosaurs, then why not have a ride on one of the VR machines at Dinosaur Club? During this experience, you will become a velociraptor and you will experience a range of exciting journeys.

Interactive Games

There are also some interactive games at Dinosaur Club that you and the kids will love. These games are not only a great deal of fun, but they’re also educational too.

The Play Area

After a long day of learning about dinosaurs, why not let the kids burn off some steam by visiting the Dinosaur Warrior Arena? The Dinosaur Warrior Arena has some amazing climbing equipment and slides that the kids will love.

The Restaurant

If you love dinosaurs, then you won’t want to miss the dinosaur-themed restaurant at Dinosaur Club. From the restaurant environment to the plates and cups, dinosaurs can be found everywhere in this restaurant. You can even hold a dinosaur-themed birthday party here.

From the cretaceous to the Triassic, dinosaurs continue to fascinate young and old alike. If you want to experience the secret adventures of Jurassic Park, and you want to have fun, get creative, and learn more about these amazing creatures, then why not consider visiting Dinosaur Club?

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