7 Ways to Look & Feel More Confident

Self-confidence is something that many people struggle with on and off throughout their lives. Whether it’s giving a presentation to an influential new client, having an important job interview, or entering the dating scene for the first time in a while, there are plenty of situations where you might want to appear more confident than you really feel.

Fortunately, you can hone some simple tricks that can help you look and feel completely sure of yourself.

1. Wear a Piece of Meaningful Jewelry

Jewelry is a fantastic way to express yourself and your personal style. It’s a way to let people know who you are and what you’re about without even having to say a word. Wearing a piece you love, and which means something to you, will remind you who you are if you find yourself in moments of self-doubt. Besides how your favorite ring or bracelet makes you feel, there’s no denying that there’s power in wearing high-quality jewelry. It lets people know that you’re a well-put-together person with your life in order.

When you feel the weight of your favorite gold piece, you’ll be reminded that you worked hard to invest in something so valuable; it’s a symbol of your success. So, the next time you have a business meeting you’re nervous about, don your most expensive gold chain and show them what you’re made of.

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2. Stand Tall

Standing tall has nothing to do with your actual height; it’s about having good posture and a confident stance. If you’re hunched over, looking down with slumped shoulders and fidgeting feet, you’re sending a message to the world that you’re unsure of yourself and your value. However, if you push your shoulders back, hold your head up high, and plant your feet, you’ll give the impression of a person who is sure of themselves and their abilities.

Body language matters. Having good posture doesn’t only positively affect the way other people see you; it can change how you feel. Try it yourself to see the difference. Stand in a typically nervous posture, hunching your shoulders and looking down. How do you feel? Now, push those shoulders back, raise your head, and engage your core to strike a confident pose. Don’t you feel more ready to take on the world?

3. Get a Great Haircut

If you look good, you feel good. When you feel like your ‘do is on top form, you will hold yourself with more confidence and exude self-esteem, and people will notice. Having freshly cut locks also makes you look put together and lets people know that you take care of yourself. For the men out there, this includes taking care of your facial hair. If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it’s well-maintained, as this shows you are meticulous and diligent.

For a real confidence boost, why not treat yourself to a traditional barbershop shave or get pampered at a salon? It’s all too easy to get swept up in your hectic lifestyle, but doing something nice for yourself is also a reminder you’re worth the effort.

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4. Get Regular Exercise

The physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise have been well documented, but did you know that it can also make you look and feel more confident? Sticking to an exercise regimen gives you a sense of accomplishment that improves your self-worth, not to mention the endorphins released through physical activity that make you feel more optimistic. Hitting the gym isn’t just about what you see reflected in the mirror or on the scale; it’s about how you feel. Find a sport you’ve always wanted to try and incorporate it into your weekly routine.

Now, if the weight is bothering you, and no matter how much you exercise you think it just won’t go away, there’s no shame in seeking fat removal treatments. Fat can be removed non-surgically nowadays, thanks to technologies like CoolSculpting®. You’ll be in-and-out, and back to your routine in no time. Not to mention: you’ll feel better about your body curves.

5. Get Organized

The organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone; while some people seem to have been born knowing how to keep their inbox at zero and their to-do lists methodically checked off, others struggle with even the simplest tasks like keeping their desks neat and tidy.

However, if you are disorganized, you will feel less prepared to take on tough challenges. Besides how you feel, a poor organization can give others the impression that you aren’t capable, even if that’s untrue. Fortunately, organizational skills can be learned and improved. Start by speaking with super-organized friends and colleagues. Ask them for tips and tricks and try them out for yourself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a system that works for you.

6. Invest in a Statement Timepiece

High-quality watches have long been given as meaningful gifts for milestone occasions because, in addition to being a sound investment, luxury watches symbolize achievement. Wearing a timepiece made by a top watchmaker such as Rolex lets people know that your finances are such that you can afford the expense and tells them you know you deserve to own something special.

When people see you wearing a beautifully crafted timepiece, they make positive associations about you and your capabilities. Embrace that and wear it proudly.

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7. Maintain Good Eye Contact

In a similar way to posture, eye contact gives those around you visual cues about your confidence and abilities. If you’ve ever experienced someone not looking you in the eye when you’re talking or shifting their gaze rapidly around the room, you’ll know that it gives the impression that they are nervous, rude, or untrustworthy. Studies suggest that maintaining consistent eye contact makes you seem confident and in control. If you find making eye contact challenging, start by practicing with people who are close to you.

You’re Ready to Take On the World

Most people have felt awkward and lacking self-esteem at one time or another and, sometimes, you have to use tricks to help you fake an aura of confidence until you start to feel it for real. More often than not, the act of projecting confidence to others improves the way you feel. From wearing a gorgeous gold chain for men to getting a fresh haircut, and discover what works for you.

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