8 Ways to Keep Fit in Your Senior Years

As we age, our bodies inevitably give us indications that we aren’t as young as we once were. It is easy to let these aches and pains prevent us from staying active.

Though, if you can find activities you enjoy – you can actually slow down the aging process.

It is important that as you devise a plan to stay active, you also stay vigilant in listening to your body as to not overdo it.

Let’s look at eight easy ways you can stay fit in your senior years.

Ways to Keep Fit in Your Senior Years

Take the stairs

Taking the stairs is a superb idea no matter what age you are. It is much easier to use a ramp, escalator, or elevator but the benefits of the stairs are unmatchable.

Don’t be afraid to ease into this practice. Start with small opportunities in areas where there are just a few stairs. You can gradually work your way up to being able to conquer any set of stairs no matter the number.

Walk (as much as you can)

Here’s an activity you are probably already incorporating into your daily routine. With walking, we always have the ability to kick it up a notch and walk more.

The best way to monitor walking progress is through an activity tracker. Activity trackers come in many forms (both extravagant and simple) while often doing the same thing: tracking your daily steps.

These trackers are growing in popularity and some Medicare Advantage plans even offer to give their beneficiaries one as a perk of the plan.

Join a community

Finding a community of active people who have a set time to gather and workout is a tremendous help in staying motivated.

As our society grows more aware of the benefits of exercise, there are more options than ever to join a fitness community.

The best way to find a group that works for you is to ask around or request recommendations from people you trust. Chances are, someone in your network is in a fitness community themselves and would love to have you along.

Keep doing chores

Ah, the inevitable chore list. Sometimes the list of things that need to be done around the house can be daunting. Rather than dreading it, start considering your chore list as a free workout.

Doing dishes, mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs – these are all excellent forms of activity and also act as a double benefit by keeping your house in order.

Take up an active hobby

What is something you would enjoy doing that would also require you to be active? Just about anything other than sitting in front of the television could qualify for this one.

Whether you enjoy bingo, gardening, volunteering or any other activity that gets you up and moving, you have found an active hobby. Activities like these keep your mind and body fit!

Talk to your doctor

Often, our bodies have limitations as a result of an injury or illness. It is important to consult your doctor about what kind of activity would be best for your specific situation.

Many times, your doctor will be able to work with you to make a specific fitness plan that makes sense for your health and your fitness progression.


Because of its simplicity, stretching is often overlooked as an exercise. Contrary to this belief, stretching has immense health benefits.

For example, doing a butterfly stretch can help loosen up your hips, knees, inner thighs, and also strengthen your back muscles.

A great way to find quality stretches without even leaving the house is to hop on YouTube and search “Stretch and Flexibility Routines” – you may be surprised by the number of options you’ll find. Additionally, group activities such as yoga are great social and fitness activity.

Take up dancing

This is a fun one! You are never too old for dancing. This is a more moderate or advanced form of exercise but if your body will allow it, you might as well get to dancing.

Many dance studios or community centers offer beginner group dance classes. Rather than watching a dancing show on tv – you can set out to make your own routines.

Not up for a social dance class? Move the coffee table, turn on your favorite song and make the living room your dance floor.

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