5 Ways To Improve Your Personal Brand

Personal branding may be construed as the way in which an individual decides to promote themselves through their abilities, appearance, and personality. Personal branding empowers individuals to tell their stories and through their attitude and the manner in which they carry themselves. How individuals may perceive to make themselves appear, how they portray themselves in the media, and what information they may tell to other people may all fall under the terms of personal branding.

Improving a personal brand means taking into consideration five main factors that include improving appearance, enhancing personality, developing skill levels, networking, and determining what any specific individual wants to be known for.

Improving Appearance for Personal Branding

Successful personal branding requires persistence, hard work, and consistency. For any individual trying to establish the perfect external depiction, considering improving appearance may be an excellent plan to start. Individuals serious about improving their branding should take their appearance and presentation of the self seriously. A personal image speaks volumes about the type of person individual claims to be and plays a crucial role in creating favorable first impressions. Whether it may be in the workplace, socializing, or even going to a family function, marketing yourself perfectly may express properties about the type of person any specific individual claims to be.


A smile is the first thing anyone may notice when someone walks into the room. Having a charming grin means taking care of dental health and oral hygiene, which does not necessarily mean spending excessive amounts of money and time since remote orthodontic treatments like home teeth straightening kits. Smile Prep is an online company that helps individuals make better-informed decisions about their smile and oral health by providing free and up-to-date guides and reviews covering cosmetic dental treatment options, including “at-home” clear aligners. Positive body language means having the confidence to smile and managing eye contact to make a confident and convincing personal image.

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Part of maintaining positive body language is dressing to fit the role. Individuals trying to sustain a formal appearance should dress accordingly compared to individuals attempting to show a more relaxed and fun attitude. It is essential to understand that it does not matter whether the clothes are expensive or cheap, new or old. Dressing to fit a role means being neat and comfortable.

Enhancing Personality

Personality plays a significant role in building a personal brand. Improving character involves self-awareness and introspection. Getting to know oneself from the inside out may inform strong decisions on enhancing one’s personality accordingly. The most notable challenge most people could potentially struggle with is being themselves. The most tiresome struggle is trying to fit into something that’s not meant to be. An essential aspect of personality growth and character development involves expressing uniqueness and authenticity.

Coming across honest and truthful individuals is becoming harder and harder to come by. Apart from honesty, being respectful and having gratitude play a role in personality development and self-integrity, which is an integral part of creating a personal label. Being a kind and upbeat individual who has the potential to light up a room may be one of the most admirable attributes one who is looking to improve their personality may seek. By often smiling and spreading good cheer, there is no possible way that personal brand may not improve.

Developing Skill Level For Branding

Creating a personal brand requires investment in oneself; it is essential to do introspection and figure out which skills would best promote the depiction of oneself. A personal brand is more so a reflection of what may be possible rather than what is current. In addition to understanding existing skills and competencies, individuals should also consider assessing their strengths and weaknesses in order to reflect on what new set of skills they might want to add.

Interpersonal skills for a brand image may possibly be valuable tools for both professional and everyday life. It is crucial to develop unique and original skills that match up and complement personal brand personality. Learning new skills such as communication, listening, and learning to control emotions may be helpful to individuals who are looking to connect with people from different walks of life.  These life skills may not need to be excessive but should be practiced in day-to-day life in the workplace, at home, and when out and about to create the resemblance of being a skilled and educated individual. By actively exercising simple daily skills, an individual has the potential to uncover new traits and qualities that may enhance and improve their personal brand.


Another way to build and develop a personal brand is through the art of networking. According to research, it may be assumed that who an individual surrounds themselves with is a clear depiction of the type of personal brand they show to the world. Networking with like-minded and inspiring individuals may influence personal brands a lot. By creating trusted and interpersonal connections through socializing and connecting, one may earn traction and credibility due to the types of people they choose to connect with. If an individual chooses to associate with inspiring and educated influential people, the personal brand image will elevate by learning more knowledge and gaining opportunities.

Although initially, the idea of networking may be uncomfortable and daunting for some, it may reap the potential benefit of strengthening and building relationships. Networking entails building sustainable connections with different people from different walks of life so as to learn and gain from others’ life experiences. Investing in getting to know people may take months of consistent engagement; however, the outcome may likely be valuable relationships to potentially reap the rewards.

Determining What to be Known for

According to Rhyon Rhoten, personal brand builder, whether an individual realizes it or not, they are a brand, and brands need to be known for something. Once individuals determine what they want to be known for, their personal brand image falls into place. Understanding what one’s personal brand maybe today is the key to unlocking credibility and increasing possibilities for interpersonal development. Building a reputation may not always be an easy task since it may be considered not only what has been done but what is wanted to be done. Deciding what an individual wants to be known for and not forgotten about requires a combination of passion, dedication, and intelligence.

Establishing an Online Personal Brand

Since the global covid-19 pandemic, it may be understood that online and remote work through software like google meets, and zoom is now the new normal. According to substantial research, most companies are moving away from traditional corporate environments and turning to remote office systems as an evolution that came with recent economic advancements. Although personal branding is most effective in real life, individuals should perceive that online business platforms are the future with the way the world is moving. Therefore it may be essential to consider adjusting personal branding to be best displayed through a screen.

Final Take

Throughout all the processes of developing the best possible personal brand, one should consider being in touch with their true selves. Effective personal branding comes from the unique attributes that each individual has to offer. It is essential to stay in touch with the roots aspects that include heritage, culture, and education to establish a personal brand image that may add value to the lives of others and inspire them to achieve and develop.

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