6 Ways To Improve Your Looks As Man

How you dress and look speaks volumes about your personality and normally determines how you are addressed. But, unlike women, most men aren’t critical and deliberate about their looks and appearance. We believe that anything goes, so far as there is a shirt on.

But no! As a man, you should be deliberate with how you look from your hair to toe. You should dress like a boss, even if you don’t have a fat bank account.

Keeping an appealing personal appearance not only keeps your confidence high but also commands respect. It’s not about buying and wearing nice expensive dresses, but how you make the little details count. Here are five ways to improve your physical appearance.

Take care of your hair

According to research, men with hair are more attractive to women. Whether short or long, hair enhances your looks when it is treated well and kept healthy. If you like keeping short hair, have regular shaves to keep overgrown hair out.

Your hairstyle must always suit your face shape to keep a balance. Use a styling pomade or wax to keep your haircut looking nice and healthy. In addition, your facial hair including your beard should be trimmed as it grows.

For long-hair lovers, always keep it clean with a good wash. You can apply shampoo every two weeks, but get something that matches your hair type.

Even if you have a bald head, you can have your hair regrown and styled as you wish. With the advancement in technology, experts at hshot use a non-invasive procedure designed to help regrow hair in men suffering from hair loss, without undergoing surgery or using pills. This procedure helps you get back your hair, boost your confidence and improve your looks.

Reduce your stress level

It is impossible to eliminate stress but there are ways to reduce stress to a healthy level. Constant and prolonged stress can affect you both physically and mentally. Physically, you will always look tired, which can affect your mood and facial expression. So, work on reducing your family, relationship, or work-related stress, which keeps affecting your mood. It will make you look lively and have an attractive facial expression.

Hit the gym

men doing deadlift in the gym

Exercising not only makes us healthy but also keeps the body in good shape physically. Gym works including weightlifting build up your muscles and make you look smart. With those muscles, you will always look stunning in whatever you put on.

Weightlifting is one of the best ways to burn excess fat deposits for lean muscle. In addition, the more you exercise, the body releases endorphins and other chemicals to relieve you of stress and improve your mood for a happier life.

Dental Health

Some men lack the confidence to participate in close conversations or give smiles because of dental problems. With dark, cavity-infested teeth, bad breath, and badly arranged teeth, they are unable to express themselves to their best. Most of these problems are caused by bad lifestyles including heavy smoking, taking very hot or cold food and liquids, and bad dental care.

It is time to take care of your dental and oral health for an expressive face and self-confidence. Visit the dental hospital at least once a year and invest in teeth treatment including teeth whitening. Don’t forget to brush twice a day and floss after eating. After eating strongly scented food like onions, use mouthwash to rinse your mouth.

Eat well

Garbage in garbage out is not just for computers but also for the body. What you eat is a reflection of your outer look. For example, you cannot consume junk foods and expect not to be obese or have other health issues. As a man, too much fat isn’t good for you, except for health reasons. Considers more fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Drink plenty of water to replenish lost ones, which also improves your skin’s health. If possible, use probiotic supplements, or go the natural way.

Healthy eating will give you the best look you ever desired.

Let your skin glow

With the skin being the largest human organ and knowing the many roles it plays including giving us our external features, we need to take very good care of it. Taking care of the skin is not just about bathing it twice a day. You must carefully choose the soap, moisturizer, and cream/pomade you use because they have a great impact on the outlook of the skin.

Each of the skin types, normal, dry/sensitive, oily, or a combination requires specific skin care products to make it healthy and glow. Whatever, you decide to apply on your skin should protect it from the damaging effects of free radicals, UVA, and UVB rays, and not the other way.

Don’t use harsh products to lighten or breach the skin as they can cause skin cancer and affect the way you look. Routinely use cleansers to wipe all dirt buildup on the skin to keep your pores breathing well. Giving the skin the needed attention keeps it healthy, and glowing, and makes you look good.


Taking care of your looks is non-negotiable and deserves every investment you put in. When you know you look good and everything is on point, you can confidently walk wherever and engage in whatever daily activity without a second thought.

Aside from the above points, you can also talk to a professional for tailor-made advice.

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