10 Ways To Enhance Your Love Of Driving

Everyone loves getting on the road once they pass their driving test and can finally get behind the wheel all on their own. However, that feeling doesn’t always last. Whether it’s a year, five years, or ten years down the line, driving can begin to feel like a chore. There’s no spark or joy to be found in getting behind the wheel.

At this point, you’ll have two options. You can accept that the fun side of driving has disappeared, or you can take action to bring the love you used to feel for driving back into your life. And if you ask us, we think the second option is much better than the first.

But how do you do this? In this blog, we’ll look at some tried and tested tips for enhancing your enjoyment of getting behind the wheel.

Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out

It might not be that you hate driving, but that you hate the environment in which you drive. You wouldn’t love your house if it was filled with clutter and dirt, and if it was generally a bit of a mess. And the same principle applies to your vehicle.

How could you enjoy driving if you’re not taking out the trash, it’s dirty, and you’re using it as a storage facility? Happily, this is one of the easier things to take care of, provided you have a couple of hours and some cleaning supplies. Look at deep cleaning your car both inside and out, and you’ll be enjoying driving more in no time.

Build a Playlist

car music

It’s easier than ever before to have a personalized driving experience. If you have a Bluetooth-ready sound system, then look at putting together a playlist of music that you really want to listen to. Alternatively, you could also look up a radio station that you genuinely enjoy or find an engaging podcast. You’ll be less likely to grow frustrated when you hit traffic if you’re listening to something that you like.

Change Your Route to Work

Life can begin to feel pretty mundane when we’re just doing everything on autopilot. And this principle applies to your commute to work, too. If you’ve been driving the same old route for years on end, then you’ll likely have fallen into having an apathetic approach to driving. You can’t feel love if you’re bored!

Happily, there’s an easy solution to this problem — simply change your route to work. There’s more than one way to arrive at a destination. Is there a more scenic, quieter way to get to your place of work? Even if the route takes 5 – 10 minutes longer, it’ll be worth the additional time if you love driving all over again.

Find Local Areas to Explore

It’d be normal to grow resentful towards driving if all you’re using your vehicle are those mundane activities, such as driving to work or to the supermarket. Instead, try to make some time to drive for nothing other than pleasure. If you take a cross-country road trip through the most beautiful areas of the United States, we’re pretty confident that you’ll feel an entirely new appreciation for your car.

But you don’t necessarily need to take a grand trip to fall back in love with driving. You can always explore your local area. No matter where you live, there’ll be somewhere interesting to explore that’s within easy driving distance. The next time you have a free Saturday, look at taking a trip.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

There are some people that love driving, but positively don’t love their vehicles. Over time, it can be frustrating to get behind the wheel of a car that you just don’t enjoy. In that scenario, why not look at upgrading your vehicle?

The first step is to find a company that offers to ‘buy my car near me’ and arrange for your current vehicle to be bought. From there, you can use the money that you get for your vehicle to purchase a new car, one that you like. You might just find that upgrading your vehicle gives you that love of driving feeling all over again.

Manage the Costs

car mileage

There’s no avoiding the fact that driving can be expensive. And that’s especially true today when gas prices just seem to be going up and up. If there’s one thing that’ll dampen your enjoyment of your vehicle, it’s viewing it as a money pit. If you’re in that scenario, then look at lowering the costs connected with your vehicle. There are plenty of ways to do it, including changing your insurance provider, driving smartly to improve your MPG rate, and joining up with friends to drive to work.

By group driving to work, you can save significant amounts of money on the cost of gas and parking, since all the expenses will be shared. Plus, it’s just more fun to drive when you have a friend next to you in the passenger seat!

Take an Additional Course

You’re also unlikely to enjoy driving too much if you’re not a confident driver. This is especially true for people that live in busy cities, where it can feel a little intimidating to drive around when there are so many other cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.

If you get a little anxious behind the wheel, then don’t suffer in silence. There are plenty of additional driving courses you can take that’ll help to boost your confidence. And plus, you’ll likely find that your insurance rates are lower following the completion of these courses, too.

Manage Your Emotions

You can control what you do when you’re behind the wheel. But you can’t control what other people do. People will cut you off and all-around act in all manner of annoying ways. If you let their actions get to you, then you’ll be constantly annoyed and angry.

The better option is to learn how to control your emotions so that when these things do happen, you don’t react to them. Think of it this way: by getting annoyed, you’re not hurting the driver that made you feel that way; you’re hurting yourself.

On top of that, confidence is so important, too, as this is also going to massively help you out when driving. Just think about it for a moment: if you have a solid auto accident lawyer, you’re going to instantly know that if anything happens to you while you’re on the road, they’ve got your back. On top of that, even the scarier roads and routes become less scary when you grow enough confidence.

Learn to Fix Car Issues

Another handy tip is to learn the basics of car repair. Most people take their cars to the mechanic at the first sign of trouble, but it’s often possible to make those repairs yourself, you just need to know how. In the process, you’ll be able to save money, you’ll keep your vehicle running well, and you’ll get satisfaction from knowing that you can keep your car in good shape all on your own.

Use Public Transportation

Finally, if you think that you’re falling out of love with driving, then consider using public transport for a couple of weeks. It’s usually only when we don’t have a vehicle that we appreciate how lucky we are to have the ability to go wherever we want, just by turning a key. We’re pretty confident that you’ll be running back to your vehicle after you’ve spent some time trying to get to Point B from Point A via public bus.


Driving a vehicle — and especially owning a vehicle — is a luxury, and it’s a good idea to keep that in mind. There are plenty of people who wish they could drive but are unable to do so for whatever reason. Take the tips that we’ve outlined above on board, and it won’t be long before you’re on your way towards appreciating all the fun and convenience that comes from driving your very own vehicle.

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