4 Ways To Be More Sensual With Your Spouse

Sensuality is all about feeding your five basic senses: touch, taste, scent, sight, and sound. When you and your partner are able to tune into and stimulate your senses together, you will find that the connection between the two of you strengthens.

Regularly engaging your senses can help boost confidence and add some kink to your relationship, and it enables you to become more comfortable as a whole. Here are a few sensory experiences you can try with your spouse.

Master the Art of Massage Together

The art of massage was first discovered thousands of years ago, and getting a massage has a number of health benefits including reduced stress, higher-quality sleep, and pain relief. Furthermore, the physical touch of receiving a massage triggers nerve cells in the skin which sends signals to your brain to release feel-good endorphins.

These happiness hormones help to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety. With all of these benefits of receiving a massage, why not master the art of massage together? Once you have both become proficient in giving massages, you can reap the rewards together.

Not to mention, a sensual massage can also lead to heightened arousal in the bedroom and you can indulge your other senses to enhance the pleasure of massage. Lighting the room with candles, playing tranquil sounds, and using scented body oil can truly take your massage practice to another level.

A guy giving a massage to his wife

Be More Adventurous in the Bedroom

Humans are creatures of habit, and people with long-term partners often allow their life to turn into a routine. Although there is nothing wrong with developing healthy patterns, it can lead to a boring and monotonous relationship.

Turning it up a notch and experimenting in the bedroom can add spice to your life. Being more adventurous can vary from couple to couple.

For some, small changes such as bedroom activities in another room, or getting sexy at a different time than usual, can make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can add some kink to your repertoire. From BDSM to role play, there are plenty of kinky sex ideas for you both to play around with.

Cook Delicious Meals as a Couple

Being sensual is often associated with being sexual, however, sensuality doesn’t always have to lead to sex (although for many happy couples it often does). Simply taking the time to enjoy each other’s company can heighten your senses.

Planning and cooking a delicious three-course meal together is a great way to bond, and it is also an excellent date night idea for when you are both low on funds. From spending time deciding on the courses and going shopping together, to prepping the dish and creating the meal, cooking can help bring you together as a couple.

Once the food is in the oven, try to cultivate the right type of ambiance to further your enjoyment. Dim the lights, play the music that you both love and decorate the table to make your meal even more special.

Share a Relaxing Bath

A good soak in the tub can relax muscles, release tension in the body, and help clear the mind of any troubles. Sharing an intimate moment in the bathtub with your spouse will allow you to relax and rewind together.

Create a home spa experience by decluttering the bathroom and scenting the space with an essential oil diffuser.

Make sure the water is the most suitable temperature for both of you then add bubbles, salts, or any other bath product to make your shared bathing experience more luxurious. A glass of champagne can help add a touch of opulence to the occasion.

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