5 Water Sports To Try In 2024

The new year is always a great time to finally commit to getting around to doing those things you have been putting off. Far from making New Year’s resolutions, simply doing things that have been on your bucket list can be a great way to kick the year off.

So why not use this new year to find new opportunities to bring fun into your life? 

Specifically, water-based fun! I have had the best time doing some of these water sports. For those who like extreme sports or just being out on the water, making it a priority to try something new to find a new sport or hobby can help you push your boundaries, reach your goals, and give you something fun to look forward to doing.

If this sounds like you, read on for some fun water sports, every man needs to try in 2024, at least once anyway.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great way to relax, free your mind, and just think about nothing except you and the board under your feet.

If you’re looking for something to help you disconnect from life, paddleboarding is for you. You can start by sitting or kneeling on the board until you become more confident, then begin standing. 

Find yourself the best paddleboard; you can rent at first until you decide if you want to stick with it and get out on the open water and see if paddleboarding is the hobby you need in your life.



A kayak is a small watercraft propelled by a person using a double-ended paddle. You can kayak solo or with up to 4 people, depending on the kayak you buy or hire and how you want to indulge in this pastime.

Kayaking is a great relaxing water sport that is low-impact but requires a lot of shoulder and arm work. You can kayak in still, calm water or add a bit of excitement and adrenaline by going white water kayaking, or you can head out into the open sea in your kayak, too.

Pretty much anyone can get into a kayak and take to the water. You must be wearing a life vest to ensure your safety, but if you want to know how to protect yourself, avoid dangers, or tackle more extreme kayaking adventures, then it could be worth booking some lessons.


Windsurfing is a water sport that requires some levels of skill and balance. It requires you to remain upright on your board and control the sail, too.

Unlike kayaking, this isn’t something you should just decide to do and hit the water. You will need to practice your skills to get the hang of standing up on board and keeping the sail in the correct positions. The best way to learn is by taking classes.

You will learn on a bigger, more buoyant board before downsizing to a smaller board once you become more proficient. 

If you’re looking for a water sport that puts you to the test while giving you freedom and an adrenaline rush, then this could be the new watersport you need in your life.

Dinghy Sailing

Dinghies are small boats with sails that can be sailed alone or with others, depending on the size of the dinghy. It is a great place to start if you want to learn to sail.

Unlike some of the other options in this list, dinghy sailing requires training and a whole load of lingo to learn. What is a tack or a gybe?

Do you know your rudder from your tiller? Enrolling in dinghy sailing classes can help you learn everything you need to know to successfully get sailing and head out onto the open water.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water skiing is simply skiing but on water. Unlike the snow version, where you ski down a slope on the water, you’re pulled by a motorboat.

Water skiing and waterboarding are activities you can do with little or no training. For beginners, the motorboats that pull along skiers and boarders have bars installed for you to hold before you branch out to follow behind on a rope.

The bar allows you to get a feel for the movements, the water, and how to hold yourself for the best balance and experience.

From here, you can build your skills once you have the basics down. If you like the feel of the wind on your face and water on your feet, water skiing needs to be something to try in 2024!

Watersports can offer you a serene and relaxing time out on the water or be an opportunity to push the button and crank that adrenaline up to the max. However, if you want to spend your time, make sure you give one of these water sports a try in the new year.

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