5 Unique Virtual Party Ideas

While outdoor barbecues and picnics made it easier to socially distance, as the weather begins to cool, it will be time to go back to virtual parties again, at least until the pandemic is finally over. 

Soon after COVID-19 hit, in early April, Pew Research Center found that a third of Americans had already thrown a virtual party, and odds are, many more have by now. 

Doing the same thing over and over starts to get old, so you’ll want to have some more unique party ideas to prevent boredom while staying connected and celebrating milestones too.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, looking to buy a new home among the little rock houses for sale, or you just want to catch up with friends, consider these great virtual party options.

#1 Share Travel Stories and Photos

Many of us are really starting to miss having the ability to travel internationally.

If that’s you and your friends, throwing a virtual travel party by sharing travel stories and photos can at least help you relive some of your favorite memories, and it might just inspire new trip ideas for the future.

Invite your friends to gather up their favorite travel photos and take turns presenting them while telling some of your most memorable experiences.

#2 Game Night

It’s easy to play many games virtually, from happy hour drinking games to trivia contests. You can even play classic party games like Pictionary or charades without being in the same room.

Truth or Dare has been popular for decades, generally played by asking each person in a room one at a time, “truth or dare?”

If they choose dare, they have to do whatever you dare them to do, and if they choose truth, they must answer any question you ask truthfully.

It’s easy to do this virtually by logging onto a video call and taking turns.

Participants who choose dare will document what they’re doing on the video call, so everyone knows it’s been accomplished.

#3 Book a Professional Lesson

Depending on the interests of your group, there are all types of professionals that can be booked for lessons.

You might find an expert mixologist to teach everyone how to craft the perfect cocktail and enjoy them virtually together.

Typically, the mixologist will curate your cocktail preferences by allowing you to choose from various options and provide a list of ingredients so that you can have them ready.

Another option is to cook together, with a chef sending a list of ingredients and then guiding everyone along the way. Art classes like sip and paint can be ideal too.

#4 Celebrity Appearances

While booking a celebrity to show up at your home would likely come at an exorbitant cost or not be possible at all, Cameo is a site that allows you to book celebs who will send a personal video message.

It can stir up a ton of excitement, whether booking a football legend like former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann or a pop star like NSYNC’s Lance Bass. 

#5 Talent Show

You and your friends probably have your own special talents to show off.

A talent show is a perfect way to showcase each other’s skills while having a good time.

You don’t even have to choose a winner, just have fun sharing anything from vocal talents to magic tricks. 

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