Understanding Live Online Casinos: An Introduction 

Live casino games continue to be one of the reigning forms of digital gaming among people of all sizes, shapes, and geographic locations. However, few people understand exactly how the process works.

The implementation of all types of sophisticated technology has caused disruption to the online casino sector in a short period. It’s a very unpredictable industry — but in all the right ways.

And while the most popular online casinos used to offer nothing more than a straightforward card-playing format, things have moved on quickly ever since.

So if you want to learn more about casino gaming and the technology that stands behind this emerging and slightly disruptive variation of online gaming, you must keep reading.

The Basic Premise Of Live Online Casino

Live casinos offer a typical casino experience. But instead of playing in a video game format, these games are played with real-life dealers, wheels, and cards. The general reasoning is that this helps the player feel immersed as they would in an in-person casino but without the hassle of leaving home.

How Live Online Casinos Work

The greatest innovation within the online casino industry over the past few years is the introduction of “live dealer” casinos to replace computer-generated hands.

Including live dealers in online casino games is the most natural movement within the gambling industry. Not only does it have the potential to enhance the experience for players everywhere but it also puts attention directly on the advancement of technology.

Newer online casinos are formed with a major focus on live dealer games. However, the cost of the technology needed for a live online dealer casino can be extremely costly. For what it’s worth, not every type has been successful, either.

Live online casinos work by offering streaming videos alongside real people dealing with real cards and launching roulette balls. Essentially, you’re receiving all the benefits of a land-based casino experience that can be screened in extra high definition from the device of your choice!

One other important feature of these games is the fact that they offer a live chat function. This increases the sociability of the online casino as you can communicate with other people and get the help you need when you need it most!

How Do “Live Dealers” Work?

Online Casinos

Imagine you’re playing a game of Blackjack and take your seat at a “live dealer” table. A real live human dealer will show up on the screen, located directly across from the camera.

Players can also communicate with dealers via a complex chat interface and can tip the dealer like you would at a brick-and-mortar casino.

As the dealer deals out the cards, the microchips in the cards will interact with the software which will then translate directly to your screen.

Before the hand takes place, the dealer will wait until you have placed your virtual bet. Like in-person casinos, there is space for multiple users to sit at the table at the same time. As soon as all bets have been placed, the dealer will start to deal out the cards.

They will scan the card as they take it out of the deck which will update the software on your screen – allowing you to see your count in your hand. And once each player has acted, the hand will reach its final step.

Play Online Live Casino Games

There are a few features that you must familiarize yourself with to fully understand the capabilities of live online casinos. These include:


While the casino industry has experimented with immersive VR technology, cryptocurrencies, and 4D playing experiences, there’s one specific technological change that appears to have spread like wildfire. That is the concept of live casinos.

Live casinos have adopted quite basic technology to offer a different gaming experience – one that makes the whole thing just as realistic as if you were in the casino at Caesar’s Palace.

Streaming And Filming

Live online casino games are generally streamed live and in high definition, and feature real-life hosts, croupiers, and dealers. You can usually expect to find a collection of classic games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette – among others.

So, with these types of casino games, you can easily immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the thrills from the comfort of your home!

Security and Payouts

Much like other online casinos, live casino games involve only the best payment security to guarantee that winners can enjoy their jackpots without having to worry.

These types of payment platforms are generally encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing the account. To prevent fraud, you can also enable some of the authentication measures.

The live stream will be encrypted and protected, guaranteeing that only you and the dealers are the only people involved. Online casinos go the extra mile to ensure security, which is a feature generally used to attract and then retain several customers.


How live online casinos will develop in the future is quite a mystery. If one thing is guaranteed, it is that this part of the entertainment industry is always more than eager to embrace new and exciting technologies than others.

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