5 Toxic Relationship Habits that Seem Normal

Relationships are complex, and while we need to be completely ourselves to make it last longer, we also need to be mindful of our behavior and habits that can turn a perfectly fine relationship toxic. This is where most couples falter in their love life as they continue to nurture toxic relationship habits that they feel are normal. And it’s not an individual’s fault to think or feel like that as we are fed to believe in such things through films and other popular cultural signals.

But it is important to stay away from such bad relationship habits as they can spoil things forever. Keeping an open communication window, being honest, non-judgmental, and spending quality time together are few proven ways of having a healthy relationship. But what can further enhance your bond is keeping things fresh in the bedroom. Go on surprise dates, plan short vacations, and trying out new things in the bedroom like sex toys, role play, etc. Physical intimacy can bridge many differences.

But it is also important to know everything about toxic relationship habits you might feel are normal.

Intense conflict means passion

Couple conflict

Couples are bound to get into conflicts, differences, and disagreements, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s a sign of intense passion. We have seen it a number of times in films where obsessive behavior is shown as a sign of intense love. And people tend to believe in that. But that’s far from true.

Such intense, obsessive behavior can be a sign of insecurity, immaturity, emotional abuse, obsession, lack of respect, or even lack of love. It is one thing that you get into fights as a couple and then makes up for it, and it is completely different to keep getting into unnecessary fights and never reconcile. If that’s happening with you, it’s a sign that you are in a bad relationship. You need to get out of it.

Keeping your emotions bottled up and not communicating

This can stem from various reasons. Men are often made to believe that showing their weak side is not ‘manly’ enough. Women, on the other hand, feel that they should not bother their men with petty emotional bursts they go through.

This is a perfect toxic relationship habit that affects a majority of relationships. Keeping your emotions bottled up and not having open communication is the worst thing you can do to your partner. You don’t have to be man enough to have a great connection with your partner, nor does opening up about petty little emotional bursts will drive the man you love away. So, keep it open. Communicate.

Expecting your partner will fulfill all your emotional needs

This is one habit that puts an extra burden on both partners and can turn it into a bad relationship. Expecting that your partner will understand and fulfill all your emotional needs is asking for too much from one person. This is why it is important to have a social life beyond the two of you. No one person is capable of doing it all with perfection. So, have friends and other social connections you can confide with. Else you will only end up putting too much pressure on yourself and your partner.

Holding on to past conflicts

Do you bring up past conflicts every time you fight? Then you have been harboring a bad relationship habit you should let go of immediately. Never keep a scorecard of who misbehaved or acted irrationally sometime in the past. And never, ever bring it up when you fight. It will simply spoil your present and not solve any issue. In fact, most relationships turn bad due to this one toxic habit that people feel is very normal. Keep things of the past away from your present.

Thinking that sex resolves all issues

Physical intimacy and sexual relationships are paramount in a relationship. But it’s not a problem solver. And those who think that make-up sex will fix everything, need to rethink their strategy. Maintaining a healthy sex life is really important.

You should keep your conflicts away from your sexual relationship. Most happy couples are able to separate these two things and physically connect despite all issues. If you find it hard to overcome the negativity and have a healthy sexual relationship, spice things up in the bedroom. Use sex toys, try new positions, surprise your partner with your naughtiness, and be innovative in bed.

How to stay away from developing toxic relationship habits:

  • Keep communication open
  • Never assume
  • Avoid keeping scores with your partner
  • Forget and move on
  • Never hold your relationship hostage
  • Never judge or fear being judged when expressing

Relationships need to be nurtured carefully. If you put in the right efforts, they are worth toiling for. Always remember to keep the physical intimacy alive even if you are fighting a lot lately. It won’t drive away toxic relationship habits, but it will make talking about the issues easier. Erotic play gear is often considered a harbinger for such situations. Try them for a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship.

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