Top Ways To Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone You Must Know

WhatsApp is the major mode of online communication among billions of people worldwide. Whether it is a business purpose, work-related, education-related or for keeping in touch, WhatsApp is very important.

When you wish to switch from your Android device to an iPhone, there are chances of losing all your precious data including WhatsApp chats, documents, and videos. To avoid such a scenario, you need to learn WhatsApp transfer backup & restore

At times, it becomes necessary to have all your old documents, chats, images, videos, and audios present in your WhatsApp even when you change your device. To have them back, you need to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Let’s see the ways you need to follow to get this task done.

Part 1: Can We Backup WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

It is not possible to transfer Whatsapp from android to iPhone officially. This transfer is not supported because WhatsApp is backed up on Google Drive in Android, and for iPhone users, WhatsApp is stored in iCloud. Therefore, officially the transfer is not supported by any means. You cannot use your Google Drive backup to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Only third-party apps can be of use in such scenarios. Let’s know-how!

Part 2: 3 Simple Ways Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

Way 1: MobileTrans App

MobileTrans app is an all-rounder app that assists you in transferring data from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, and iPhone to Android. When you change your device, you can use MobileTrans to WhatsApp transfer easily. It is a highly recommended app for the transfer of WhatsApp android to iOS.

Steps to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via MobileTrans app:

  1. Choose your devices like the new phone and old phone respectively.mobiletrans
  2. Select any of the three methods QR code, Wi-Fi, or iCloud to connect both your phones.mobiletrans
  3. After the connection is successful, you can select the data you need to transfer.mobiletrans
  4. Wait for a few seconds as the transfer takes place. You will receive a “Success” notice shortly.


Way 2: MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is a very useful tool that will satisfy your needs regardless of the platform you are using i.e. Android or iOS. It will transfer WhatsApp chats, images, audio, videos, and attachments.

Some of the features of MobileTrans are:

  • Transferring your WhatsApp account between 2 devices of different platforms, Android to iOS.
  • It will back up all your private chats, group conversations, and photos including your profile picture, videos, stickers, attachments, and more.
  • Restore your account back up to devices.
  • MobileTrans also supports WhatsApp business.
  • It can export WhatsApp chat history from the computer to PDF/HTML.

Follow the steps to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone

  1. Launch the MobileTrans tool on your computer

You need to launch the MobileTrans software on your PC first and click on the “WhatsApp transfer” module.

MobileTrans software on your PC

After having clicked on “WhatsApp Transfer”, click on the “WhatsApp” tab. Select “Transfer WhatsApp messages” from there. You can go through the instructions given there too.

MobileTrans software on your PC

  1. Connect both your old and new device to the computer

Now you need to connect both your devices to the PC. The MobileTrans software will start loading all messages, media, files, and attachments before the transfer begins.

  1. Start to transfer the WhatsApp chats

Go and click on the ‘Start’ button until the transfer is successfully completed. You have the option to ‘Flip’ the source and destination device as per your requirement. When you transfer from your Android to iOS devices, it will merge the messages.

MobileTrans software on your PC

  1. Transfer completed

Remember not to touch or move your phone while the transfer is on. After the transfer is 100% completed, disconnect the phones. Check your new device to see if the targeted data is showing there or not.

MobileTrans software on your PC

Way 3: Email WhatsApp Chats

You can Email WhatsApp Chats to transfer your messages from Android to iPhone. You can transfer all your chats properly following the given steps.

  1. On your old device, open WhatsApp and tap on “Settings”.mobiletrans
  2. Click on the “Chats” and then tap on “Chat history”.mobiletrans
  3. Click on “Export Chat”. Select the contacts whose chat you want to transfer.mobiletrans
  4. Now, you will get an option whether you want to include the media in the backup or not.mobiletrans
  5. Go to Gmail and enter the recipient email address. You may use your own email address here.
  6. Click on “Send” and restore this message in your iPhone.

Must-Know: Is there any Official WhatsApp Transfer Way?

You will soon get an official way to transfer WhatsApp across platforms. WhatsApp is working to make transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone and vice versa possible. This has been in demand by the community for a long time and now it is finally becoming possible. This migration will be very significant for people as people keep on changing phones these days and, WhatsApp is necessary for every field. iPhone users can check for this update if they have the iOS version 2.20 1.16 3.16. Go to the settings option on your WhatsApp to see if the feature is available.

Initially, at the Samsung Unpacked Event, this feature was announced. It will let iPhone users migrate their chats to their Samsung devices. It is expected that the feature will be available very soon and will be a big game-changer for people looking for official ways to transfer their WhatsApp chats, documents, media, etc., across devices with different platforms.


As we have discussed above, there are different ways to transfer WhatsApp Android to iOS. Although the official method is still not available completely on all devices, there are third-party apps that will make the transfer possible. Transferring WhatsApp is very important for business, education, and work purposes. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods before the transfer becomes official.

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