Top Tips to Consider When Shopping for A Jockstrap

Jockstraps are quite important protective wear that is used during sports activities. This is particular with male athletes who take part in energetic sports activities such as; skating, basketball, football, or rugby.

These types of sports activities can be risky to the penis and testicles. Jockstraps can aid in providing extra support to these sensitive parts of the genital. This is better because, with recent technological advancements, professionals have worked towards creating cupped jockstraps that offer safe protection of the groin.

Choosing the best jockstrap can be a difficult process because there is a wide variety to choose from. This article serves as a guide to choosing the best jockstrap from daily jocks. It contains how much protection one will need depending on their age and body mass.


Jockstraps are like underwear and for one to be comfortable in them, one needs to pay close attention to the type of material it is made with. Cotton or a jockstrap mixed with cotton is known to be the right material for these garments.

Generally, there are other good ones like those made with rayon or spandex materials to keep the skin dry by getting rid of any moisture on the body and even the exterior of the jockstrap. They are also breathable which makes them suitable for extra energetic activities. Thus, it is preferable to go for super-comfortable materials.

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Know your size

Generally, the size range always listed on the jockstrap usually focuses on the waistband size. When it comes to the cap, it can probably be listed differently on the individual packaging bag. The major thing to look out for here is the best-fitting jockstrap.

When choosing, make sure to go for one in which the cap is big enough for the genitals to properly fit in comfortably and should be able to cover the whole genital area fully. The straps fitted on the legs should be tight to make sure that the underwear fits well to offer the best support and comfort for the best groin security. Generally:

  • Small sizes always come from 20 to 26 in (50.8 and 66 cm).
  • Medium sizes range from 26 to 32 in (66 and 81.3 cm).
  • Large sizes range from 32 to 38 in (81.3 and 96.5 cm).
  • XL sizes range from 38 to 44 in (96.5 and 111.8 cm).

The cups normally come in different sizes depending on the buyer’s age.

Choose by style

Jockstrap comes in several designs and styles just like all briefs and boxers would. Try shopping around daily jocks and make research on the color, fabric, texture, and style for each jockstrap.

Choose the jockstrap based on the use because a sports jockstrap will have a different style when compared to a fashion jockstrap. Always keep this in mind when shopping is it in a physical store or an online shop.


In conclusion, hope this article provides the best guideline in choosing the best jockstrap because one cannot joke with the proper functioning of the manhood while considering other factors like; comfort, fit, and breathability.

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