Top Tips For Staying Healthy While On Holiday

While COVID is still a concern, every country has nevertheless scaled back or eliminated the restrictions they put in place. But this easing doesn’t indicate that the danger has ultimately passed. Moreover, they don’t mean that you only must be weary of contracting COVID during your travels. On the contrary. It is still best to take appropriate measures against all sicknesses and diseases and take great care of yourself while away from home.

With that established, there remains one fundamental question: Covid restrictions have eased: How do I maintain my health on an RTW trip?

First, remember that your body is accustomed to your environment. Hence, as you go around the world, you will have to watch how you react to various conditions and make prompt adjustments to avoid extended adverse reactions.

But, more specifically, it is best to take the head-to-toe approach.


It is best to adapt your care routines to your destinations. So, for example, make sure your hair wash and care habits match the places you go. Starting with the advice that you don’t have to wash your hair every day as a base, use the season/prevailing temperatures as your guide to what you need to do for your hair. Hot summer conditions and trips to the pool or beach will call for moisture retention routines, while trips during the winter will require heavier moisturization tactics.

It is also crucial to consider your eyes. Travel can be tough on your eyes, especially as you encounter different environments (like hot, dry, and dusty deserts, high altitudes on mountains, snow, and salty sea air). One of the most common yet unknown conditions likely to afflict travelers is sunburn of the eyes. (Yes, it’s real. And those who’ve had it say it hurts- a lot). You will also need to protect yourself against dry eye while on planes. Therefore, you must pack adequate eye protection like sunglasses, snow goggles (if heading to a winter destination), and a brimmed hat. In all, it is best to take good care of your eyes.

Take care of your mental health by staying connected with friends and family and relaxing and de-stressing. On the other hand, you can also consider limiting your time in the digital space- a digital detox, if you will. You may replace it with meditation or journaling.


guy cleaning face

Let’s start with your skin. As mentioned above, extensive travel will, no doubt, expose you to a myriad of environments and environmental conditions. So, it is essential to protect your skin from such changes. The best solution here is to establish and stick to a routine- particularly before and after you board your flights. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize regularly. And most importantly, always apply sunscreen before leaving your accommodations.

It would be best if you also cared for your physical well-being. While the primary purpose of taking a holiday is to relax and unwind, it is still good to keep to some habits. Diet and exercise, in this case. You are allowed to indulge a few times, but it is better in moderation. So instead, try to keep to a healthy diet and exercise consistently.

Beyond diet and exercise, an excellent way to keep your body healthy is to treat yourself to spa treatments. Research or ask your travel agents and fellow travelers for information on the best spas, hot springs, or natural mud baths available. Spending a little time in these places can do wonders for your well-being.


You can combine two activities to derive maximum benefits from both. So, embrace your inner wanderer and explore as much as possible. Walking around allows you to see the sights and acts as a very effective form of exercise. But you must ensure to wear good walking shoes.

Finally, be mindful of local health and safety recommendations, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell. It may also be best to gather information about hospital and clinic locations at each destination to remain aware of where to go in an emergency.

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