Top Reasons To Move to King County

King County is known for its bubbling economy and dynamic mountain ranges. King County provides all its residents with a chance to have a good life, and it’s, therefore, an excellent place for anyone who wants to try something newer. Below are the best motives why you should move to King County.

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Lots of Job Opportunities

King County is home to Microsoft, one of the world’s largest companies. Such a company isn’t the region’s biggest employer, but you are bound to find a job in a multinational or tech company. You can also opt for a military job due to its large presence within the county. You won’t have to enlist for these jobs because you can find some civilian options on and off the base.

No Income Tax

Living in King County means that you never have to worry about income taxes. You get to enjoy keeping all your money in your pocket.

Multiple Outdoor Activities

There are lots of parks to consider in King County. As an outdoor buff, you will enjoy your time in King County. That’s because you can opt to go to these parks or consider going for a hike. With the abundance of water around the county, you can consider whale watching, fishing, sea kayaking, pleasure boating, and sailing. You can enjoy skiing during the winter due to the higher elevation areas.

King County Real Estate Options

King County is one of the few places in Washington with some affordable housing. You can find lots of affordable housing options and some waterfront properties. Most of the common options in the county are single-family homes.

Higher Education Opportunities

Besides the King County real estate options, you can consider going to the county for higher education opportunities. Some of the best college options to consider in King County include Shoreline Community College, Highline College, Green River College, and Cascadia College. Besides, all students get to enjoy reduced tuition by 15 to 20%. There are also open-access institutions in most two-year schools.

Lovely Contrasting Weather

King County is amongst the places with a contrasting climate in the United States. You get to enjoy 45 degree winter days and 80 degrees summer days. Snow is beautiful and a rare occurrence, but you might experience temperature drops during the night. The mountainous regions help moderate the climate and ensure that you always get to enjoy the weather.

Focus on the Environment

King County is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Washington state. Some recent county changes include mass transit that helps keep pace with the county’s population growth. Besides, bicyclists can enjoy spending their time in this bike-friendly state.

There are lots of reasons for moving to a new place. Consider traveling to King County before you decide to make a move. Spending a weekend allows you to understand the different activities better to indulge in. Besides, you can learn about the amenities and discover some of the opportunities you can take advantage of.

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