Top Places To Work As A Digital Nomad

The concept of a digital nomad is a person whose job is not dependent on a particular location. They work online, and if there is a good internet connection, they can travel wherever and whenever they wish.

This article will guide you to some places which are perfect for digital nomads. Notably, most of these places offer a low cost of living, quality internet, and great coworking spaces. Furthermore, being a digital nomad allows you to experience new countries and cultures while also continuing to make a living.

Bath, UK

Bath is the largest city in Somerset, UK. It gets its name after the Roman-built baths, one of the most famous attractions of the city. It is a wonderful place for anyone who loves ancient Roman history. The city has a variety of coworking spaces, such as The Guild, Spaces Works Bath Northgate House, and others. Although the cost of living in Bath is high, the quality of life meets anyone’s expectations.

And if you are a digital nomad, Bath is a brilliant place to visit! The city also has diverse options for those who seek entertainment; bars, cinemas, clubs, casinos, you name it! Since it can tend to be cold in Bath, if you happen to make friends in some of these coworking spaces and do not want to go outdoors, you can easily replicate the experiences of these establishments by inviting them over. You can host wine-tasting nights, movie nights, or even play your favorite games that online gaming has to offer. Therefore, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to keeping yourself entertained during your time in the city, indoors or outdoors.

Digital Nomad

Canggu, Bali

Canggu is a seaside village in Bali, Indonesia. This is one of the best places to travel to as a digital nomad. Canggu has several coworking spaces like Tropical Nomad Coworking Space, Outpost Canggu Coworking Space, and Dojo.

However, apart from the excellent places you can work from, it’s a fantastic location for digital nomads for several other reasons. The nightlife is great, and the city has a very laid-back feel. Furthermore, it has beautiful beaches that are perfect for surfing. However, one downside of Canggu is that it tends to become congested with traffic due to its narrow roads.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a beautiful hilly, coastal city in Portugal. It is famous for its friendly people and mouth-watering Portuguese cuisine. This is another place that is perfect for digital nomads. Lisbon has an abundance of coworking spaces.

Some examples are Work Avenida, Leap Workspace, and Idea Spaces. Lisbon is known to host many digital nomads in their city. Additionally, there are several other pros that come with being a digital nomad in Lisbon. This includes the affordable yet vibrant nightlife and the overall culture. It is important that the places you travel to as a digital nomad are ones in which you can enjoy your everyday life. Therefore, the lifestyle of the city you visit is extremely important.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital city. This is seen as an affordable place to travel to and work in as a digital nomad. It has a strong digital nomad community, and the city has several coworking spaces to offer.

Some examples include Espacios Inteligentes, AreaTres Soho, Deck-Co, and Go work Coworking, amongst others. On another note, you can explore the 19th-century cultural buildings and architecture in this beautiful city. Lastly, you can also experience the warm South American hospitality and tango dancing in the streets.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city. The cities of Buda and Pest are divided by the glorious river Danube to come together as Budapest. It is a beautiful place to work as a digital nomad. Examples of coworking spaces in this area are Kaftar Coworking Space, UP center, and CoWork Division. This isn’t typically known to be the first location that comes to mind for digital nomads to visit, however, in recent years it has increased in its popularity. This is mostly due to its affordability and relaxed pace compared to other country capital cities.


Digital nomads are becoming more important to the world’s economy today. As such, more countries are gearing up to welcome them by providing the essential services they need to work online and on the go. The digital nomad lifestyle will suit you if you are independent and want to experience various parts of the world while working!

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