Top New Technologies In Surgery And Medical Procedures

The advancement in technology is enhancing and affecting all industries. Technology contributes to every process in the medical field, whether it is surgical procedures or in-office medical procedures. The evolution in science and technology plays a role in services that are confined to hospital walls. It integrates medical procedures with innovative, patient-friendly, and easily accessible devices.

In the COVID pandemic, many useful inventions were there for a hospital and the patient’s safety. There were medical shoe covers, proper polythene body coverings, the latest ventilators, etc. Medical students using computerized models of human anatomy today require no extra equipment, including X-ray machines, during their training course because there is access over the Internet directly from where these analyses take place.

Similarly, we see on many occasions greater accessibility into various parts of the body. Breast cancer treatment centers via the internet now network instead. It was often difficult previously, not only to cumbersome bureaucracy but lacked official support systems too. In recent years of technology evolution, some of the healthcare devices invented are as follows:

Portal technology

Trending technology advancement is the portal technology that helps the patients with their healthcare records. This technology allows doctors, healthcare workers, and patients to interact online and provides their medical records online. This portal technology increases access to those who are unable to visit medical offices due to any health risk factors or due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portal technology makes the patient more educated and concerned about their health. Every patient can be much more helpful and an ally in his care. So, in the long run, patients become active participants in the treatment of their disease. Healthcare technology is changing the way patients are cared for and it is important to know about the latest technology that is available in the country.

Electronic health record

Since the beginning of 2021, 80% of the hospitals use incentive programs by CMS and inserted electronic health records into their organizations. The percentage of these EHRs was much lower, i.e., 16% in 2009. The use of electronic batch recordsin hospitals increases the efficiency and accuracy of patient care. The electric record in the hospitals and organizations helps in the data analysis and population record of a specific community. So using this service, there are outcomes of consistency in the medical field.

Apple Watch

Mobile health

Mobile health reduces the use of medical devices with the mess of cords and wires and allows physicians and patients to check their health at the spot. The international mobile health market reached 20.7 billion dollars in 2019. It is not just termed as a wireless device, and this innovation leads the patient to become active players in their treatment. A good example is that Apple has made people want to get wellness apps for various purposes like fitness tracking, weather forecast monitoring, and food consumption.


An ICU that is equipped with telehealth services has increased patients’ speedy recovery and decrease the risks of mortality in patients if we compare them with traditional health care services. Telemedicine services are based on the advancement in telecommunication technologies. These devices are becoming much popular and achieving much publicity in recent years.

The primary benefit of the telehealth service is for patients in rural areas. Most rural areas have no access to hospitals and physicians, so they use these services to virtually meet their doctors. Nowadays, drones are used to fly blood samples to remote medical centers. Also, they save the transportation costs of the patients because they do not have to spend any money to visit their doctors.

Genome sequencing

The analysis of an individual’s genome to get genetic information is called genome sequencing. The genetic information provided by the sequencing of the human genome is one of the tremendous advancements in technology. It is quite helpful in genetic disease treatment.

Nowadays, doctors insert the treatment gene into the human genome and replace the human genome’s malignant gene. Genome sequencing is successful, as every cell in your body has the same DNA. The genetic disease which was considered incurable in the past now has many chances to be treated.

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