Top 2021 Investment Trends So Far

Many people have turned to invest in 2021 as a way to build long-term wealth and improve their financial situation.

There are always trends emerging in investing when it comes to industries that are thriving and, obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on the entire global economy. With this in mind, here are a few industries that have attracted investors in 2021 and could be a good area to look at.

Ethical Investing

Consumers are becoming increasingly selective of the brands that they use and finding ways to be more ethical and sustainable in their lives. This is no surprise when you see stories on the news relating to environmental damage, animal welfare, and human rights issues just to name a few. This has led to people seeking out ethical and sustainable brands, which means that this is a good area for investors. Not only could you see significant returns over the long-term, but this is also important because it means that you are supporting brands that are doing good in the world.

Ethical Investing


Healthcare has been in the spotlight for the last year with stories of healthcare workers going above and beyond in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic along with the remarkable development of multiple vaccines. Healthcare has also had to change and adapt over the last year, such as the rise of virtual care technologies. With a sector that is always in demand but finding new ways to be innovative, this is another area that investors are excited about in 2021.

Sports Tech

Many industries have had to innovate during the pandemic and this has been to trying levels of success. Sports and fitness is one area that has excelled, largely thanks to sports tech development. Fan engagement technologies, esports, athlete performance technologies, stadium experiences, and online fitness classes are just a few examples. Many people have also turned to health and fitness during the pandemic, which means that it is another good area for investors to look at.

Forex Trading

As always, Forex trading will also remain popular particularly with so much turbulence which could present good opportunities for traders. The best trading platforms will be able to provide technical analysis and customizable features, which should help you to find some success with your trades.

These are just a few areas that are attracting investors so far in 2021. It is clear that the landscape is changing as a result of the pandemic, which is always exciting as it will present new opportunities for investors looking to build wealth.

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