Top 5 Hairstyles For Men: Cool And Sexy Haircuts

I don’t have to tell you guys how important it is to have the right hairstyle. Confidence is key and with the right hairstyle, you can get a huge confidence boost.

We’re going over the hairstyles that will not only boost your confidence because of how you look but will also get the right type of reaction from the ladies.

A man showing slicked back hairstyle for men
Slicked back hairstyles for men

#1 Slicked back

This is just a badass. I’ve seen Brad Pitt rocking it, Cristiano Ronaldo rocking this look. Even though everyone is doing it this is just has a really cool classic vibe to it and guess what, girls like cool and girls definitely like a classic.

A man with slicked back hairstyle with undercut
Slicked back hairstyles for men

The cool thing about this one is that you can have different lengths of your hair and still style it back. So even if it’s short we’re really long, you can slick it back and it still works. So it’s versatile and you don’t need much to achieve this look.

You can use a paste or a pomade as long as it’s a product that’s adding some shine to your hair it’s gonna look good.

A guy with undercut hairstyle
Undercut hairstyles for men

#2 The Undercut

It is probably no surprise that I’m starting with the undercut. The undercut is obviously a very popular style for guys. We’ve seen so many celebrities rocking the undercut lately which made it even more appealing to girls.

The other good news is that this hairstyle is not going away anytime soon. It’s been around for ages. So it’s not like you’re jumping on a trend that might die off in a few months.

A man with undercut hairstyle
Undercut hairstyles for men

The haircut itself is pretty simple, really short, and tight sides. I would say between 0.5 and a number 2 guard, and a longer top ideally starting around 3 inches. That difference in length between the decides and the top creates that contrast and it grabs people’s attention.

So girls like it because it stands out in a good way plus it looks really clean and when it’s done right. A good thing about the undercut is that you can style it in so many different ways.

You can stick it back, you can add some volume so it’s a versatile hairstyle and you’re not going to be stuck with the same hairstyle just because you have that haircut.

Brad Pit With buzz cut hairstyle
Buzzcut hairstyles for men

#3 The Buzz Cut

I honestly think the buzz cut is one of the strongest performing hairstyles or haircuts with girls just because of its masculine nature.

Zac Efron with buzz cut hairstyle
Buzzcut hairstyles for men

It is a strong raw haircut for a guy and the best thing about the buzz cut is maintenance. It’s so easy to maintain this cut. You can do it yourself if you want. You don’t need to spend any time drying it and definitely no time styling it. Also no more bad hair days and that alone should make you want this cut.

Man with quiff hairstyle
Quiff hairstyles for men

#4 Quiff

Actually two different styles you can go with here which means it’s a pretty versatile haircut.

One is the classic quit which is way more traditional. It looks really clean and it’s classy. This is what you would wear if you’re trying to look sharp. The other is a modern clip. Girls really like this one too because it’s Messier. It gives off that edgy vibe which can be really sexy plus it adds a lot of texture to your hairstyle.

Quiff hairstyle for men
Quiff hairstyles for men

It’s easy to maintain because of its Messier nature. Also for you guys with curly hair, this is a great hairstyle for you as your hair doesn’t need to be straight at all for this. It can be wavy curly and it can be pretty short as well so there’s no need to let it grow and go through that awkward stage.

Side part hairstyle for men
Side part hairstyles for men

#5 The Side Part Hairstyles For Men

It is professional it’s masculine and it’s got that sleek look to it. Just add a little bit more volume to it. When you have more volume and makes your face look longer thinner and more chiseled.

Side part mens hairstyle
Side part hairstyles for men

It’s also a timeless look that we’ve seen in movies and celebrities for ages now. It’s not going away anytime soon. It doesn’t necessarily need to have that sleek professional look. You can have a somewhat messy style as well if you’re going for an easy casual vibe or you can go the other way and make it cleaner more proper a gentleman look.

Choose a hairstyle that will look best on you

No matter which one of these five hairstyles you think you’re definitely going to get the lady’s attention so make sure you pick the right one for you and then try things out.

Different face shapes will look different on different hairstyles.

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