Top Facts About England’s Most Iconic Fashion House: Burberry

Burberry, a British luxury fashion house, is one of England’s most iconic fashion houses. The brand styles and distributes ready to wear leather goods, footwear, fragrances, cosmetics, eyewear, and trench coats.

It was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and has moved up in the fashion market ever since. Burberry developed Gabardine, a first of its kind fabric that is waterproof and highly breathable. The material has propelled Burberry’s brand name to great heights and it is well known around the world with stores in 59 countries.

Burberry brand fashion accessories

Here’s a list of a few facts about the fashion house that you may or may not have come across.

  • The company started out as a brand that specializes in outdoor clothing as its vision. This led to the invention of gabardine in 1879 as a convenient alternative to rubber which was the only other wearable waterproof option. This led to a revolution in the clothing industry, especially in regards to outdoor and rainwear.
  • The first London store was established in 1891 at 30 Haymarket due to the profits and success made from introducing gabardine made apparel.
  • The fashion house is famous for its trench coats which were first designed in 1912. The design, Tielocken, had a belt that fastened around the waist and was unbuttoned. It ended up giving birth to the modern-day trench coat that many customers wear around the world.
  • During World War I, Burberry designed a functioning outwear for the battleground when he was approached by the British Army. Tielocken was updated to consist of belt rings that could hold maps, grenades and flasks, large flaps for added chest protection when the soldiers were in trenches thus the birth of the name trench coat, and shoulder straps that were used to secure gas masks and binoculars.
  • Most explorers including Sir Ernest Shackleton wore Burberry clothing during their expeditions as the fabric was well suited for long travels and tough conditions due to its lightweight nature. This really helped grow the company’s reputation and strengthened its brand name.
  • Burberry was initially named Burberrys but it was changed in 1999 and they ended up launching new lines like Burberry Prorsum. It was later renamed Burberry London by the label’s top designer, Christopher Bailey who revolutionized ready-to-wear items by launching collections that were available for purchase immediately rather than the six-month wait that was usual in the fashion luxury world. This made the company convenient for fashion enthusiasts, and the fashion house went ahead to develop Burberry Brit and Burberry Childrenswear.

Burberry has been growing since it was first established when military men, explorers, and sports fanatics associated themselves with the brand. Today they offer an assortment of products including women, men and children wear and bags which are widely used in England and countries around the world.

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