Top 5 Sneakers You Should Have In Your Closet

A lot of options are available when it comes to buying sneakers for men.

Here is a list of the top 5 sneakers that you must have in your closet for 2018. These ultra-versatile super stylish and super comfortable. Let’s hop into it the number one no-brainer sneaker every man should have.

1. Ultra Boost

This is a super ultra-comfortable sneaker. It’s not gonna be ultra-versatile but it’s gonna be so comfortable it makes up for that. The ultra boost triple white uncaged without the plastic sides, which in my opinion not only does it look cleaner, it’s more comfortable.

I wouldn’t say the ultra boost is as popular as it used to be. It is still a trendy sneaker that people love. The comfortability that it gives you it’s a must-have.

Adidas UltraBoost

2. Nike Presto’s

The Presto’s for Nike is kind of like the ultra boost for Adidas. When it comes to comfort this sneaker you’re gonna be wearing every day. What it lacks in versatility it makes up in comfort.

It really does feel like you’re walking on clouds and has this soft bounce to it. When you walk throughout the day it feels pleasureful. You don’t get tired.

Nike Presto

3. All White Leather Sneaker

Don’t let anybody fool you. No list of must-haves shoes, that’s ever complete without at least one simple basic white leather sneaker. Unarguably this is going to be the workhorse sneaker that you can wear with anything and look amazing with it, and always know though you’re gonna look stylish.

My top pick so far is the Stan Smith triple white. You’re gonna be 30-40 and you could still wear this sneaker, or you can be 15-20 and you can still wear this sneaker It’s so timeless it looks great with anybody.

Stan Smith triple white

4. Vans old-school

This is the one basic sneaker that no matter your age or you’re aesthetic this is a shoe that can work with every guy. Every style they have has a classic simple look that I can guarantee you it’s gonna be one of your most worn shoes out of your rotation. They just so easily work with any outfit you can think of.

This year they were super popular with the sneaker culture not to mention celebrities left and right. They’re wearing them so they were definitely popular and that’s gonna roll.

Vans old-school

5. Yeezy Powerphase

Everybody needs a little bit of hype and value. Well, the truth is that these are the right balance of hype and value.  You’re paying these exorbitant inflated amounts on products that don’t actually have the quality to back up the price. Just because they’re heist but these are actually hyped and you could still cop for around $180.

Yeezy Powerphase

Those are the top 5 sneakers that I absolutely love I think you should pick up.

“For me, with a character, you start with the shoes”

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