Top 5 Apps for Motivation

Motivation is an essential part of achieving any goal, whether personal or business-related, and there are many ways to stay motivated. Coaches practice performance psychology to push their players, and many people push themselves the same way.

Others create lofty goals as ways to keep them working harder and aiming to better themselves. Some reward themselves with vacations or personal belongings when personal goals are met. With COVID-19 limiting a lot of exposure to coaches, instructors, and teachers who would act as motivators to many, new ways of self-motivation are becoming popular, and here are 5 apps that can help you stay focused on your goals.


As is the nature of any “Top 5” list, there is certainly some subjectivity involved, and though quotes are cheesy and pointless to some, they are expert motivators for others… hopefully, this one rings true with some readers, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What? You too?” The Quotes app is pretty darn simple to use, though it is only available on Apple products (similar apps available for android). Download the app, and depending on the permissions you set, quotes will show up on your home screen every morning to get you motivated for the day!


Even though social media can be used for social good and other constructive things, it is also a key reason many people spend too much time looking at our screen. If your lack of motivation simply comes from screen addiction, the Forest app “rewards” users for not looking at their phones. You legitimately plant a digital tree, and it grows so long as you’re not looking at your phone. Let the digital forest thrive!

The app is designed as a way to create and measure your goals, across a variety of life’s sectors. It generates graphs to help you compare good weeks to bad weeks, and even your progress on one goal compared to another. It’s kind of like a social marketing campaign directed right back at you. In addition to the self-motivating qualities, motivational feedback can be shared amongst users to up the ante for inspiration.


This one is a little contradictory to the Forest app, as it involves a lot more screen time than reading a quote or a chart, but nonetheless, all things are good in small doses and happify has dopamine doses to go around. The app contains simple-but-effective games created to reduce stress and improve self-image, both of which are extremely important for motivation.


Not to be confused with the app you use after a few too many beers, LIFT is an “all-angles” app that allows users to set goals for work, exercise, writing a novel, education, and many more, all at once. If you’re ready for a motivation overhaul, LIFT is a good app to reach for. In addition to daily progress monitors in all of your activities, it also offers peer support forums for those who get motivated by others easier than by self… or those who get motivated by motivating others!


Motivational apps are a great way so for you to get into the right headspace and clear your mind. Even though there are countless motivation apps for iOS and Android, these are the top five you should check out and utilize for daily success. Down wait any longer because you can start the journey of self-improvement today.

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