Tips To Take Care Of Bleached Hair

Taking care of hair is not about expensive treatments or salon treatments. It is as much about eating healthy and marinating a good lifestyle. Thanks to growing levels of pollution, your skin and hair already face a lot of damage. Maintaining a good sleep routine is important.

Even when you go in for hair regrowth laser therapy, you need to maintain the right routine. Anything you do to those locks will need proper after-care. Thus, if you have decided to bleach those locks, then that screams fashion for sure.

However, maintaining such hair is a tad more difficult than unbleached, natural hair. Pamper your bleached hair with natural oiling and a good oil massage. Make sure you check for allergies or skin reactions post-bleaching. Also, make sure you keep the tresses untangled while ensuring that you regularly condition them.

Bleaching your hair is stylish, screams out vogue, and adds to your personality. However, it calls for giving your bleached hair extra special attention. Going with coloured hair shampoo to enhances and maintains the vibrant color of your hair while keeping it fresh and glossy. They are gentle on the scalp and contain fewer chemicals.

Maintain That Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair can be one of the most damaging things you ever do to your hair. There is the possibility of your hair turning rough and straw-like. So you have to take extra care of it. There have been enough cases of damaging hair completely every time someone has gone blonde. Here are some tips to maintain bleached hair right!

A man with Bleached Hair

  • Find the right stylist -It is very important to go to a hairstylist who is a thorough professional. If you go to the right stylist, the process does not have to be damaging to your hair. Do some research, read the blog, and follow the website of the stylist. Doing the deed yourself might be economical but you might have to pay a price if anything goes wrong, so why take chances?
  • Conditioning -Use good reputed products for a hair mask. Look them up on the website and consult a few people or a professional. Your stylist can also help you in this regard. Bleached hair requires extra conditioning so using a normal conditioner will not serve the purpose. If you use a conditioner, make sure it is a deep conditioner, and leave it in for some time so that it reaches the right places.
  • Shampooing -Washing your hair every day will dry out your hair even more. Avoid doing that. Go without washing for as long as you can.
  • Stay away from heat -Avoid curling irons and straighteners as much as you can. The only heat you are allowed to use on your hair is that of a blow dryer. This needs proper follow-up with a hair serum. make sure you choose a brand that suits you while also fitting in with your budget.
  • Oiling – Grandma knew her stuff when she oiled your hair in childhood. A simple coconut or olive oil can work wonders in treating your hair after the damaging effects of bleaching your hair.
  • Avoid tangles – Tangles are bad but they are worse for bleached hair. You have to make sure you treat your hair gently when you are brushing it. One good way to avoid tangles is to tie them before going to sleep. Also, you can keep your hair to a certain length to avoid any more mess.
  • Proper diet – Nothing works better than a proper diet that cures from within. A diet rich in protein, Biotin, OMEGA 3 and lots of fish can work wonders for hair.

Summing Up

Armed with these tips, you can actually ensure that you maintain the hair just right. Make sure you make this a routine and stick to the same for as long as you can!

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