Tips To Being More Productive In A Co-living Space

Living in New York is on many people’s bucket lists. Coliving in NY is much cheaper than renting a full flat or house and you might be getting worried about how you will study or do projects for work while sharing a dwelling with other people.

You may be worried about noise levels or distractions getting in the way of your studies or work, and how coliving will affect your productivity.

In this article, we will look at some factors and theories that could make it easier to be more productive in a coliving space. Here you will see that possibilities are endless and coliving could easily be done productively.

Factors of productivity and how to use them in coliving spaces

One’s productivity depends on three factors namely Mental energy, internal motivation, and external motivation. With coliving, you might think the external part will be of interference and not motivation.

Below are a few factors that can help your productivity increase and make a comfortable coliving even more comfortable.

Plan together

Set up a quick meeting with everyone living in the same house and schedule a specific “quiet time” in the house. For example, between 18:00 and 19:00 no radio or parties on the go. Time to be productive!

Productive room of the house

Depends on the house and the space available in this house, but setting up a specific corner or room in the house for being productive help. Others can see without having to disrupt you, that you are currently busy being productive.

People in Co-living Space


Set up a schedule for yourself on the fridge or on your room door. This helps your fellow dwellers to know without asking or disturbing you, whether you are in an online meeting or busy with something else. You can even hang a “do not disturb” sign on your room door.

Exercise area

Maybe on the rooftop or living room area. Having a specific area where you can exercise without interruption is ideal and has been known to help improve productivity.


Productivity can also be boosted by some psychological factors namely

  • color – having your study area covered in different shades of blue has been proven to help with concentration, stimulate thinking, and provide mental clarity;
  • music – studies were done and it was found that listening to music proved to be helpful in lifting productivity and cognitive performance;
  • learning something new – learning a new language or a new hobby helps to keep concentration levels to the fullest and opens the mind for thinking and taking in.

To hear the sound when someone says “productivity”. It seems like a lot of work already. With a few easy-to-follow guidelines, setting time aside and being productive has never been easier.

Take your time and think about it, coliving in NY is the apple to the eye and can be done with ease. Most co-living situations work out well in terms of respecting each other’s space, and any conflict, etc can easily be avoided by setting some boundaries with your roommates.

Adjusting to coliving will take some time but following our guidelines on how to be productive in a coliving space, will help you to keep your productivity levels high and make co-living work for you.

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