Tips And Tricks For Visiting Cottage Country

Escaping to cottage country is a wonderful opportunity for rest and relaxation with ample time to regroup and take stock.

Whether you’re visiting cottage country for its wealth of seasonal outdoor activities or if you’re getting away to sit dockside and unwind simply, there are a few pre-trip measures that you can take to ensure you get everything you want out of your holiday — and more.

Plan Transportation Modes and Routes

However, if you’re commuting to your cottage, plan your route before you go (make sure that you factor in the time you’ll be leaving — some roads might see excess traffic at certain hours). Feeling flustered before you set off doesn’t set the tone for a fun journey; strategize gas station stops and check their opening hours online.

If you plan on renting a car, do so well in advance of your departure date. Similarly, book tickets several weeks before leaving if you’re using public transit. Having a booked cottage sitting empty with no way to get there is sure to dampen the best of spirits.

Book Your Cottage Using a Reputable Site

Booking your accommodations on a reputable cottage listing website will guarantee your expectations are met (and sometimes exceeded). Finding lodgings that fit your needs is incredibly easy because of websites like This site, for one, allows holidaymakers to narrow the selection of cottages based on their specific needs and wants (e.g., pet-friendly cottages, waterfront cottages, and those with views of sunsets).

Knowing what you and your travel companions want in a cottage will ensure that everyone gets exactly what they desire from the booking.

Meal Plan in Advance

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or as a couple, having a loose idea about meals and beverages before you go will allow you to relax when you’re there instead of worrying about menu ideas and who’s cooking dinner. Further, this will minimize the need to revisit the grocery store for forgotten ingredients once settled in.

Similar to planning your commute, strategize locations of grocery stores en route to the cottage to save having to deviate too far off course on the way there.

Confirm the amenities

Cottage Country

Confirm what amenities are provided in the cottage before you leave. Some accommodations may not provide beach towels, bedding, or coffee filters (for example). Knowing what you need to bring before you arrive will save last-minute dashes to the store, or worse, no coffee in the mornings!

Similarly, it’s good cottage etiquette to confirm the checkout time and to follow the checkout protocol (if there is one). A quick message to the cottage renter to confirm these details will set you both up for a successful visit.

Make Reservations Before You Arrive

If you and your travel companions hope to visit local attractions, or maybe there’s a fabulous restaurant nearby that you want to try out during your stay, make reservations in advance. Often attractions such as these are highly sought-after in cottage country; by calling in a reservation before you arrive, you’re guaranteed a coveted spot, and it’s one thing less to worry about when you’re trying to relax.

Prepare for Unexpected Weather

Regardless of the cottage’s location, sometimes the weather can take an unseasonable turn for the worse. Make sure poor weather doesn’t thwart your fun by seeing if the cottage is equipped with board games and books, so you’re all set in the event of a downpour or blizzard.

By organizing and planning in advance, you’re setting yourself up for a dream holiday experience with harmonious relationships with friends, family, and partners intact at the end of your stay.

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